Before, we dreamed of seeing some place with our own eyes, but now it is possible to see it from our own place using technology, so no need to travel anymore. With the increasing technology that also becomes affordable to the masses, no longer we need to “go get” the information and the entertainment; now they come to us without the need from us to move anywhere.

It is an outstanding advance that allows us to embrace and do more in our lives. We can become very productive and knowledgeable in almost any field we decide to do so. What we cannot reach easily can be brought to us by technology, making possible to use our time in more efficient ways, leading us to have more productive lives.

But what if, instead of using these marvels of science and technology to increase our knowledge and productivity, we use it to reduce our speed and self pressure to grow? (Based on the instinct of always taking the shortest path)

For the children of the change, those who were young when all this technology still didn’t exist, it is easy to adapt to some of the benefits while still keeping the desire to do “some stuff” in the old physical ways, like traveling and “being there”; seeing with our own eyes; feeling the breeze in our skin and having the possibility to “touch” the place (like grabbing a handful of sand) and smelling the flowers, trees and ground on a rainy day.

But what would happen to the children of the future, who are being born immersed in this increasingly technology flooded medium, and start their first steps in walking together with their first steps in login in? For them it’ll be a natural thing to see a new place through a computer screen rather than being there.

At one hand we can understand the point of touring, lets say, Ireland, seeing what is too see in a screen rather than in person. In the shortest amount of time it’ll be possible to see the most places at different times of the year (each one with its individual beauty); listening to the sound of the country side and the cities; listening to the voices of the local with their unique accent; taking a quick look to the traditional cuisine and the newest preferences of the people living there.

We can do all this without the expenses of travel tickets, hotels, tours, etc. We also can avoid the “suffering” of temperature changes, wind, rain, and all the typical experiences associated with traveling. No lost baggage!

And with the new technologies to come, we will also be able to smell the scents, perceive the breeze and experience the place in a more complete way. Right now communication systems use the senses of vision and hearing, but I’m sure pretty soon they will find ways to add the senses of touch, smell and taste to the repertoire available to computer technology.

But if we extend the trend to the future, wouldn’t be possible to have a big number of people who has become adapted to this new society, where the external world that used to surround a person becomes an enclosed, climate controlled room that has all the connections and possibilities of remote interaction with the world?

Think of it like the highly technologic suit in the movie “Iron Man”, only this enclosed environment of protection and interaction with the external world just doesn’t move. Like becoming the yolk of an egg, surrounded by the technological feeding white, and protected from the world with a surrounding shell. A world and a society of separated “units” connected by technology.

I know there’ll be always the people who will prefer the actual physical interaction, leaving the technological resources as an aid, rather than an end. But what about the big majority that isn’t well guided while being raised, and becomes easy prey for the technology providers?

Looking around to young people who can easily find answers to the most strange questions and situations using a computer; who prefer to see a new place in the screen rather than having to “endure” a physical trip to the actual place, I can’t stop to wonder how the future society will be.

What trends do you see in the actual use of technology?

Do you identify more with the “Children of the Change” or the “Children of the Future”?


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8 Responses to Digitalization

  1. This post brings several ideas to mind. At Epcot they have several 360 degree movies, where the audience stands in the middle, and they project a movie about some foreign country. They are neat to watch, but it doesn’t compare to an actual trip to visit these places in person. If anything it makes me want to visit those places even more.

    I’m not sure what will happen when technology makes the hologram a reality. Like a holodeck on Star Trek. I wonder if that would be just as good as visiting. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
    Eric | Eden Journal´s last post ..Children’s Wisdom Series- Peace- Gentleness- and a Little Sadness

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Eric,

    Then you are a Child of the Change! I understand that because I’m in the same boat. When watching a TV program or a movie about some remote place, it acts as bait for me to desire to travel there and see the place with my own eyes.

    What I see is more and more youngsters that, while not being guided or motivated, have develop the notion that the physical world around is the same as the information that can be found in digital places like Google…just digital information instead of physical reality, so no need to go there physically but digitally instead.

    Growing up and seeing the world in a screen can lead to “accept” the physical world as completely “reachable” in the screen only, without the sense of lack by not being able to perceive it with all five senses by being there.

    Fortunately, when children are guided; parents participate with them and take the time to teach them, they grow up knowing the difference between the advantages of a digital world and the endless possibilities of the physical one.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Digitalization

  2. Patricia says:

    I remember reading a novel called He, She, It – I am not remembering the author at the moment – but folks spent much of their off time watching Stims, which did their travel for them and their emotions and took care of medical testing, etc.

    People who had grown up with this thought it was just the only way to be, but the main character of the story had a Grandmother who grew and ate real food, and a friend who lived in Grandmother’s world to be able to think up, write and produce the stims….it was so fascinating to discover.

    I think even my children will have friends who have not experienced actual dimensions of living…I made sure my kiddos had computers and nature walks and knew how to write and talk…create…

    I think we need to be more proactive as parents to cover all of IT, and how to be carbon neutral also :)
    Good thinking going on here – wonder how it will turn out?
    Patricia´s last post ..Abundance Alchemy- Journey of Gold Evelyn Lim

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Patricia,

    I don’t recall reading the book you mention, but the concept has been used many times in different books and movies, so I guess somehow it is a danger of the future, although not at the same proportion movies like to present. Nevertheless, it is an issue to tackle, and as you mention, parents have the biggest part and responsibility in being proactive in this situation.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Digitalization

  3. Hi Raul,

    Great topic.

    I’m a child of change and one thing I’ve noticed is technology has taken away the “surprise” element. Now we can tweet, Facebook or blog about ourselves and share photos, whereas in the past, it was fun catching up with someone a year or two later and being surprised at how much they’ve changed, or in the case of a young child, how much they’ve grown.

    In some instances technology can be considered a bridge, but on the other hand, I kind of miss the mystery of not knowing.
    Barbara Swafford´s last post ..You Heard It Here First

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Barbara,

    You make a great point! The element of surprise; catching up with what happened all this time. What used to be the excitement of filling up the gap of time, can become the task of keeping up everyday. No longer we tend to chunks of activities one after another, but rather we go in little increments all at once.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Digitalization

  4. Sara says:


    In most parts of this post, I actually totally agree. I think we need to be warned about the lull of technology, meaning letting us “pretend” to be some place or to travel without the real deal. Like Eric, I thought of Star Trek and holodeck.

    Then again, as you technology levels the playing field. Children have the opportunity to explore in ways that may alter their life goals. It’s like any major change, be in moving from the horse driven carriage to the automobile, adjustments have to be made.

    One thing I will mention about computer use, especially the computer games, is that we are moving away from physical exercise because of time spent on computers. That’s just my two cents:~)

    This was a very good thinking post. Thank you!
    Sara´s last post ..Story Photo- Say What

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    There are so many good things about new technologies, just like the amazing possibilities presented with the arrival of the automobile in the past, and as you mention, adjustments will have to be made.

    Among the good ones we can count the opportunity to see places which, without this new technological marvels it’ll be impossible, and also at the other hand, we now face problems like the one you mentioned: moving away from physical exercise.

    The intriguing point for me is how exactly this trend will develop. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    Thank you for your contribution to the discussion. It is always great to have your point of view :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Digitalization

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