Movies and Time


Going to the movies used to be something very special; the anticipation for an activity that wasn’t common but just a couple of times a year. The feeling of going to that magical, enclosed big room with what seemed hundred of seats, high wall decorated with old, dark red curtains and some dusty wooden decorations. The long, worn carpet that led us to the seats facing the white screen where some magical world will appear, and would let us live some different life and travel to a distant place for about two hours.

But there was also the other part of the trip; the possibility of stopping by a coffee shop after the movie and have a glass of soda and maybe a piece of cake, pineapple by preference. The small, rectangular, metallic table with a plastic tablecloth in red and white squares; the view thru the windows, watching passers by in their unknown activities for us; looking at their grey faces and dark clothing; their fast paced walk and their anonymity to each other, always dancing with sudden movements to avoid physical contact with each other in their travels by the crowded streets.

There was no need for words…there was so much to see!

The whole world and life became silent and slow moving, so it was easy to stop for a moment and watch the surroundings, the people, the physical things that conformed and created the city, society and of being part of life in itself.

Going to the movies was a moment when daily life stopped for a moment and magic became reality. It was the opportunity to step aside of my own life and self; to have the chance to see the world around with different eyes and what was always there, but never seen from that perspective. It was the opportunity to stop participating of society to become a spectator of life.

Then the trip back home, just like the one at the beginning, waiting for the bus at the stop in a dirty street. Watching the people around, up to their faces marked with worries of daily life and infinite activities; perhaps the ghosts of their future that had to be crafted day by day, and I was apart, traveling in time at the moment, aside of life, even my own.

Seating and holding the metallic rail in front at the worn out bus seat, listening to the infinite sounds made by a tired machine that spent an entire life running and still haven’t got the chance to retire and rest. The wind coming through the window that couldn’t be closed, making the noise that combined with the singer at the end of the corridor of the bus, playing an acoustic guitar with a colored cloth tied to it and some strange sticker close to the cords, with a meaning that probably only he would know and understand.

Houses, stores and empty, dirty lots went by behind other cars, competing in speed with the wooden and concrete poles that remained standing by the side of the street, providing the hold of the electric net of the city. Some graffiti in the walls, sharing space with the posters of some candidate to some political group…adult stuff!

Perhaps the best home work I ever got!

There’ll be days and weeks to remember the trip, the bus, the movie theater, the people seen from a different perspective, as a spectator of life instead of a participant. And the movie itself, whatever the story; the places and time where the story told by the white screen seemed to happen…so much to remember and analyze!   

Sometimes living life doesn’t seem to be part of life, but when being a child and taken to the movies, I had the chance to step aside of it all for a brief moment and enjoy the magic of the movie, together with the magic of life and people, by watching from a distance to compare both, at the same time of taking a break of being alive.


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6 Responses to Movies and Time

  1. Sara says:


    While I enjoy your “thinking” posts very much, I am delighted to read this visual smorgasbord of a day at the movies.

    I loved your descriptions, such as “The long, worn carpet that led us to the seats facing the white screen where some magical world will appear, and would let us live some different life and travel to a distant place for about two hours.”

    I also enjoyed the time after the movies, especially the bus ride home. You made me like I was “with” you on your day at the movies. Nicely done:~)
    Sara´s last post ..Blog Update

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    OK, you just sent me to a Google trip to search for the word “smorgasbord”

    1- SMORGASBORD (noun)
    The noun SMORGASBORD has 2 senses:
    1. a collection containing a variety of sort of things
    2. an assortment of foods starting with herring or smoked eel or salmon etc with bread and butter, then cheeses and eggs and pickled vegetables and aspics; finally hot foods; served as a buffet meal.
    Familiarity information: SMORGASBORD used as a noun is rare.

    2-In Swedish, Smörgåsbord literally means “sandwich” and “table.” If you want to get technical, “smör” means butter and “gås” means goose, but this is very trivial information.

    So yes, you are right, it is kind of a “sandwich” of memories.
    I’m sure you would have enjoyed the pineapple cake (Yummy!)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Movies and Time

  2. Patricia says:

    Oh I am with Sara on this one – your descriptions are just wonderful and move me to remembering.

    I had to pay for the movies myself and so I had to pick and choose what I would spend my funds on carefully. I only went about 6 times a year and listened to my friends about all the movies they had seen as though they were cool and better.

    All that babysitting money and field labor money had to go for my own clothes and the precious college fund…I did not even spend the $.25 in college for the on campus movies –

    Oh you have me thinking and thinking….I still like reading better and forming my own thinking about the characters and the ideas….

    My Mother would not go to the movies because she found them too addicting. She only watched concerts and the news on TV…

    See so many thoughts came up…I was there on the bus ride – great post Thank you
    Patricia´s last post ..The Face of Please Don’t Shoot Me

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Patricia,

    Perhaps the fact of going to the movies not so often or so easily makes it remember it with a special affection. It wasn’t just another activity in childhood, but THE activity that, being so seldom, became really a big part of childhood and younger years.

    I’m glad the post helped you have a short mind trip to the past and other times memories.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Movies and Time

  3. I like your story type blog post. It was so much imaginative and I also enjoyed it a lot. You describe every thing so beautifully that I was thinking as I was there with you!!!
    nazimwarriach´s last post ..GoDaddy Coupon Code

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Nazim,

    Thank you for your kind comment. It is always fun to remember those moments from childhood that bring us good memories. :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Movies and Time

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