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Due to some strange happenings with emails that I’m receiving, I’m gonna have to pull down this blog for a while, so to make sure it is not something related to being hacked. If you have experienced something out of … Continue reading

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The Joke of The Lone Ranger

  There was this joke from a Chilean comedian who was really frustrated because every time he told the joke nobody laughed…because nobody understood it, even though is about the concept Chileans have about themselves. “So there were The Lone … Continue reading

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Ditching on the Job

  To the problems of cold weather that have made very slow the progress in the engine rebuilding I’ve been working on, just a couple of days ago I had the “pleasure” of ditching on the job. With the accumulated … Continue reading

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  For the past couple of weeks I haven’t been able to dedicate more than one or two hours total to this blog. The reason is the cold temperatures and the snow here in Denver. I’ve been working in rebuilding … Continue reading

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