Self Treason


    Looking at a child immersed in playing at something; a child’s wonder with the world around; when they look intently at a flower or the clouds going by in the sky. How amazing it is that they can become so absorbed in the now, in the moment of observation; that they can become in their games whatever they want to be.

    Then as adults we tend to go by lists of activities and responsibilities that have to be fulfilled as proper adults.

    This is all fine and appropriate in a mechanical society fed on productivity and trade, yet we soon experience the lack of wonder and the magic of moments that, as responsible adults, tend to disregard as childish behavior.

    And the problems of attention and the sense of unhappiness settle in…

    So what if for a moment, while in a secured environment, like at home, we let ourselves to just become that lost child that still lives inside us?  What if we let ourselves to be that child and accept the possibility of becoming amazed by simple things like the clouds going by in the sky, maybe the strange flying path of a house fly, or perhaps the perseverant march of an ant in a day’s work? Or even for a moment to believe we can become whatever we want to be!

    Taking in the possibility of becoming a child again, even if it’s against society concepts of adulthood, we can experience for a brief moment the wonders of nature, the pleasures of life, the amazing elements of this planet all around, and with it, recover also the lost capability of intently attention based on the marvel of a moment.

    We trick ourselves not even knowing what we are doing, but just by following the established path by previous generations, and taking in the concept without questioning, we accept a condition as the proper way to behave, even if it is at our own demise.

    Let’s try for a moment the childish ways of complete, undivided attention to a simple situation, like observing the images of winter; the colors and the changing world around, and let ourselves enjoy a brief moment of living, rather than a big chunk of wasted life.


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4 Responses to Self Treason

  1. Sara says:

    Raul — Ah, I liked this post. Since I’ve moved my work home, I do find more moments of child like wonder. They often happen when I take my old dog out for one of her many walks. It gives me time to enjoy the outside, which is where I find so much wonder.

    Just the other day, I went outside and looked at the sky. There were two contrails that had crossed and made a perfect, giant X in the sky. I loved it as the first thought that came to mind was “X marks the spot!” I know I’ll to write about this sometime.

    Back to what you’re saying, if you don’t stop and let the child inside you look around, you miss so much beauty, joy and fun in life.

    Thank you for this post:~)
    Sara´s last post ..Footprints in the sand

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    Walking in the outdoors gives so many opportunities to discover all the marvels that have always been there, don’t you agree? Clouds for example, are always forming so many different shapes in the sky, and with it imagination can fly free at will.

    Hope you had a pleasant holiday time. It’s good to see you back :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Self Treason

  2. I love to watch my daughter as she is engrossed in an activity or busily staring away at the clouds or wildlife. I also love to try to capture that feeling myself whenever I get the chance. On Sunday we took an enchanted walkabout in a local park. My daughter and I each had a camera and my wife walked along. We snapped pictures of random things in the woods trying to catch a glimps of fairies, elves, or gnomes. Who know if any of those things really exist, but it was fun walking, observing, snapping photos, and using our imaginations.
    Eric | Eden Journal´s last post ..The Apocalypse Series – Introduction to Apocalypse- End Times- End of Days- Judgment Day and Armageddon

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Eric,

    Isn’t it amazing when we allow ourselves to spend time with our children in “their” world? We get to learn so much about life and can enjoy all the many simple things that life and nature can offer.

    We tend to think that adults create magic for children, but sometimes it seems more like children are the ones bringing the magic to life.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Self Treason

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