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Traveling Ghost

  Today I have the pleasure to announce that Alien Ghost has made a trip to Madrid, Spain. This weird alien has a Guest Post at the awesome blog Zerebria. Zerebria is where Nacho Jordi talks about the human brain; … Continue reading

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      Choosing a CD to play sometimes can be just overwhelming!     After so many years collecting the music we like and love, we may end up with a huge collection of albums. And when the time to choose … Continue reading

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Insurance of Fear

      One thing that surprised me from living in the US is the huge number of insurance policies there are available to purchase. Insurance for the house, the mortgage, the stuff inside the house, the back yard, the front … Continue reading

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Money Versus Ingenuity

        Having money to pay for all the stuff we need seems to be the perfect solution for a simplified and easy life, yet money can become a problem, even if is in small amounts.     What I … Continue reading

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