In Defense of Extraterrestrial Beings


    It is said that the most intelligent creature born in planet Earth is a human being. It is said that the main characteristic of a human being is its capability of feelings; love, hate, distrust, confusion, etc.

    Is it the capability of feelings proper and unique of human beings? Dogs can experience the same feelings at a lower degree, yet they aren’t considered humans.

    At the other hand, there are “humans” that, throughout history, have shown very little “humanity” by their actions towards other fellow humans.

    So what about extraterrestrial beings?  If they aren’t considered humans since they weren’t born on Earth, but somewhere else in the universe, does it means they are not considered capable of love? (Being love a human characteristic?).

     But if they have the capabilities of love (which they should have), then shouldn’t they be considered humans?  Unless the capability of love is not a characteristic proper of a human being, or should I say, an Earthling?

    In that case, feelings would not be the characteristic of being human, but just one of its properties.

    So then, should we greet an extraterrestrial being as a fellow human? Or should we consider ourselves as human or not, mostly depending on our own actions, and not just because we were born in this planet?



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6 Responses to In Defense of Extraterrestrial Beings

  1. Joy says:

    Hi Raul,
    My favorite topic lately is love..
    I think Love is Universal and “human” is a label for the form we have while on we should greet an extraterrestrial being as we would anyone else..from the abundant well of love within (perhaps on earth as humans known as our heart space). “Hey dude, so cool to meet you!..what’s going on, would you like something to eat, come on in”…:)
    Of course, my boat is Ethereal Joy, named after her owner, so perhaps I’m most at home around extraterrestrial beings *grin* I think my way of life might even allow me to be considered one in some circles..
    Joy´s last post ..Creating with Intention

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Joy,

    I like the name “Ethereal Joy” you gave to your boat. Seems to me it gives room for more than what’s just here on Earth, but including the whole universe in it…physical and non physical elements that conforms it.

    Maybe some day we’ll be able to really greet visitors from out there without fears, but an open heart, as we would with friends we care about :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..In Defense of Extraterrestrial Beings

  2. Tony Single says:

    Extraterrestrial beings might even have a completely different definition of what love is. Not killing us the moment they lay eyes on us, and instead merely maiming us for life may be considered by them to be an act of love. They’re aliens remember, so there’s no real reason why they’d act anything remotely like we’d be expecting! :p

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Tony,

    That’s true. Being a completely different kind of beings, their definition of love could also be something completely different from what we know.

    At the other hand, it could be something better than what we know, like for instance the impossibility of conceiving acts of war or attacks of any kind among their own specie, something we still have so much trouble to get with, despite all the nice words published this time of the year. We group and sing, and smile and self convince that love is all around, yet disregard that war is still going on, and leave it as someone else’s problem to deal with.

    Personally I don’t believe they are “aggressive” like we are. With their technology they could have squash us long ago; and the abductions look very similar to what we do with bears and gorillas to protect them (while we protect ourselves from their instinctive violent reactions of self-preservation).

    Thank you for contributing a different angle to the conversation :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..In Defense of Extraterrestrial Beings

  3. The Human race still hasn’t gotten away from the human centric / earth centric view of the universe. From the early days when we thought the sun and all the planets revolved around the earth to now when we think humans reign supreme.

    I think humans have a hard enough time loving each other. To bring aliens into the mix would be difficult for most to process, especially if the aliens have a non-human appearance.

    Most thought around alien life involves intellect, and a possibly superior ability to think and reason. It’s rare to hear discussions of a greater ability to love. It’s quite possible that alien life has a great ability to love than us humans. I don’t think we’re setting the bar very high when it comes to love. If we were, there wouldn’t be wars, fights, and battles.
    Eric | Eden Journal´s last post ..Lessons from a Little Girl and her Cat

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Eric,

    I totally agree with you. Even that many people say they believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life, it is funny to see how it is so common to expect confirmation from the authorities in order to (theoretically) accept it.

    Also, when we think of what would happens if an alien spacecraft happens to land in a public park, we know we should call the authorities and ask them to send an ambassador, yet we would be screaming for the military instead.

    I do believe people have a huge capability for love, but the problem seems to be, by the way we are raised and how a commercialist society works, that we act based more in instincts rather than logic and guided feelings (if people use logic they won’t buy stuff, and if they guide their feelings they wouldn’t be controllable).

    Thank you for your contribution to the conversation. It is always great to have your thoughts and opinions.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..New Year’s Resolutions

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