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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Posted by Raul on December 10, 2010


    Choosing a CD to play sometimes can be just overwhelming!

    After so many years collecting the music we like and love, we may end up with a huge collection of albums. And when the time to choose comes around, we might not decide so easily what we want to listen.

    It does happen not only about music, but almost about everything in life related to the accumulation of material stuff. Pictures, books, movies, even pens collected in a jar for any time use.

    Sometimes I think of myself of a little, furred creature, that takes anything and everything around that can carry, to hide it in a hole in the ground, not even knowing for what reason!

    Then I look around the house and wonder how all this stuff got here? (chip-chip-chip…I’m that furred creature, remember?).

    We do tend to accumulate “just in case” as an element of security and self assurance; then we have to deal with the accumulated stuff as a chain that prevent us from going around to explore new grounds (we have to protect our treasures!).

    A human being, born naked, but with a powerful brain capable of learning and adapting; and a amazing body that allows him to interact in a physical medium; becomes a furry creature dedicated to the accumulation of physical elements, to be surrounded in a hole by the treasures that takes the amazing capabilities of its brain to just the feelings of something going wrong. How curious creatures we are!



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