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Possibilities of a Falling Economy

      It is surprising when we see all the possibilities available with the actual problem of a falling economy.     At one hand it seems that stability in a job is no longer possible, and even if someone have … Continue reading

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Round and Round, Till Someone Falls Down

      About commenting in other blogs:     Stopping commenting in other blogs that I read was because of being really busy with many things, including my vehicle that started to ask for many more repairs after the initial ones. … Continue reading

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About Chewing Gum

     A short one:     I don’t chew gum, so I don’t know. To try to find an answer, sometime ago I “tested” a chewing gum and found no difference.     What I’ve seen is that people who eat … Continue reading

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Escaping the Mud

    So thick, so strong! Not just to leave the same old behind, but even to keep moving in the same plane of nowhere to go. Fighting, pulling; using every muscle with every ounce of energy left, if any; … Continue reading

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The Smiling Robot

        There is such a fuss nowadays about self growth and reaching a perfect state, where we can be at peace and balance with life and nature. The idea seems to be reaching a point where we don’t … Continue reading

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