After You Die



Dark clouds will come to stay and it’ll rain everyday

A chilly breeze will take home and remain

Birds will lower their voices and no singing will be heard again

And all the material toys will become stone and collect dust as their only purpose

And home will become a box

And sunshine just a memory

And laughter will migrate to an unknown place

And the sense of reality will fade

And every road will loose its end

A dark, silent creature standing in the middle of nowhere

Surrounded by an unseen, vibrant, alive world

Haunted by memories and feelings

But only tears will flourish

And a long forgotten smile will stay away

From one reality to another

Like an instant travel between two different worlds

So lost, so confused!

After you die…

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4 Responses to After You Die

  1. Patricia says:

    I am feeling the sense of Autumn in your words and journey around this adventure of living…

    I have read it several times and I relish the open feeling of sadness. I am too busy and this is calming and focusing Thank you for sharing
    Patricia´s last post ..Do You Know Your WALK SCORE

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Patricia,

    Just a fictitious feeling of what could it be when in that situation.

    As you mention; maybe the autumn is making its presence be felt :)

    Raul´s last post ..After You Die

  2. Joy says:

    I do feel sadness reading this..
    If this is Autumn..then when I die it shall be like a vibrant Spring day…laughter and blossoms, gorgeous colors like the most beauty filled sunset stretched across the sky, music and dancing..and I will be a participant in all of it..I will ‘Be’..the moonbeams and the butterflies and all that I love..and that is what my loved ones shall feel in their hearts..
    Joy´s last post ..Barefoot In NY…

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Joy,

    What you mention would be the ideal, and even though we can feel that way and try to integrate our loved ones to the same thinking, sometimes the ones left behind will miss the departed and still, a sense of loneliness might be around for them, even within the happiness of having known and participated with the one that’s gone.

    Still, a concept that should be taught and practiced to the point of total integration in modern society.

    Thank you for your insight :)

    Raul´s last post ..After You Die

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