Consciousness Machine



They built machines that can hold Consciousness.

These machines are not made of plastic and metal but flesh and blood.

These machines have a Primary Program that allows them to sustain their own life.

This Program maintains the internal components working automatically.

This Program pushes the machine Operating System called brain into working towards physical self rewarding as an automated safety precaution of survival.

These machines also have a Secondary Program for search and acquirement of knowledge.

This Secondary Program allows the Operating System to control the machine so it can move, develop and participate, interacting with the surrounding environment.

But the final purpose of these machines is to hold Consciousness.

Then they are released to the physical world where they were created.

The purpose of the process is to allow the Consciousness to grow using the machine’s Operating System for knowledge search and acquirement and the machine itself as a traveling vessel, a starting point and a tool.

Once the growth is achieved the Consciousness leaves the bio-degradable machine behind to become part of the universe, the whole, the main Consciousness…the creators.

But the Consciousness must travel first the physical world in a physical body, a machine, to learn and develop as a process to grow.

And there is no guidance or instructions for this process, so the Consciousness must find the path on its own as part of the growing process.

And throughout this process, and pushed by the Primary Program of the machine, many times the Consciousness loose direction and dedicate the powerful capabilities of the Secondary Program of the machine and it’s Operating System just to fulfill the physical requirements the machine has.

So the journey of growth is turned into a process of acquiring the elements that will provide well being to the machine according to the Primary Program, instead of using that Secondary Program and the Operating System to control the machine at the service of the Consciousness in the process of growth.

A machine lost!

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2 Responses to Consciousness Machine

  1. Patricia says:

    wow, I had to read this one several times to figure out just what the machine was doing and why it was lost…I think I have it now…but am wondering if the primary OS must take over for the secondary OS and thus the new learning and directions are not achieved are you not describing children entering school and being programed to not use their true potential and are thus dumbed down or are you describing the reverse that when using the secondary system correctly the institutions shut down the primary systems to control the direction of the secondary system?

    Am I close here? It is playing on my mind

    (also, I am not going to be around so much the next month/ I have a one month job with about 8,000 pages of reading to do and evaluate…but I could only get a one month’s job…so thought I would just relax about blogging but not give it up :) or modify the whole regime)
    Patricia´s last post ..Cauliflower Pie- A Very Yummy Fall Treat Susan Hollingsworth

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Patricia,

    It is just another perspective to see human beings, comparing them with computers. After all we build machines to our “image”, so naturally machines work in a similar way than us, thus this post seeing things from the other way around, comparing human being with machines, not as machines created by humans, but humans created like machines.

    I think I’ll make another post to expand this one, although it’ll be posted under Thoughts probably instead of Fiction as this one.

    Thank you for your insight…it got me thinking on the relation of the educational system and human beings. Ideas for yet another post :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..100 Posts!

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