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The Lucky Ones!

    It is my belief that we are lucky people; all of us that are alive for the past 30 years and will be around for the next 10, independently of which generation we are. -We experienced the change … Continue reading

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New Categories

   After spending some time reviewing the stuff I’ve posted so far, it seems to me the categorization used it’s not reflecting the kind of posts in some of them and might lead to confusion, so I’ve decided to add … Continue reading

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People’s Dreams

    Some people dream of becoming a balanced human being; some people dream of becoming wealthy and popular, some people dream of becoming powerful and respected; I dream of becoming a concrete wall! I know…I tend to dream big. … Continue reading

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Out of Town

    For the past month several things have been accumulating in the “To Do” list and the point of not being able to catch up has been reached. -The need to reorganize this blog -The implementation of some security … Continue reading

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