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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Lucky Ones!

Posted by Raul on September 13, 2010



It is my belief that we are lucky people; all of us that are alive for the past 30 years and will be around for the next 10, independently of which generation we are.

-We experienced the change of a Century.

Not too many people live in a time frame that allow them to see the changes, fears and hopes that brings the change in digits from one hundred years to the next.

-We experienced the change of a Millennium!

Again, how many people can say they lived the change between a thousand years and the next? How many people can say they experienced the uneasiness generated by the change (positive and negative) and with it have the opportunity to see what it is felt in a moment like that in history? It has happened only once before in the modern calendar!

-We saw the Haley Comet which only visits us every 75-76 years.

Maybe some people could see it twice in their lifetime, but for that they could miss the previous one.

-We had the opportunity to experience one of the biggest technological “jumps” in human history (so far)

In just about 30 years we went from the AM radio set with two knobs to the touch screen in such small devices we can have today; 3D TV systems, the microwave oven, the fridge, air conditioning and of course, the communication possibilities that exist today that didn’t exist just a few years ago, etc

-We are at the edge of discovering our truth about spiritualism.

From the blind beliefs for thousands of years to the reason backed up actual concepts that promote a deeper understanding and joy, together with the more open minds about different possibilities, others than religious doctrines, and the generally accepted open study and comparison of different religions and concepts from anywhere around the world. 

-We are closer than ever to understand the human mind.

So far the body could be understood almost completely, yet the mind remains a mystery in many aspects, but slowly its secrets are being deciphered and with it, many possibilities open up for us, not only in the medical field, but also in the self improvement area. There’s so much more we can do now when more is understood and discovered everyday.

-We “could” create the necessary changes for a definite contact with races from other planets (Yes, I do believe in Aliens, I am one, remember?)

A tough one considering the mentality change required among so many people, yet the possibility exist now thanks to the technology that would allows us to finish with the problems of poverty and injustice around the world and the communication systems that can allows us to finally connect as a one race. I know, all we need to do now is convince each other and that’s where we get stuck, but at least we do have the opportunity which, as a race, we didn’t have before in history, and if we do the homework we will meet the requirements for the contact.

-There are so many more things to consider but just a short view to some of them can give us a good idea of the great times we live in, so for the above reasons, I do believe we are very lucky people!   :)


New Categories

Posted by Raul on September 9, 2010


 After spending some time reviewing the stuff I’ve posted so far, it seems to me the categorization used it’s not reflecting the kind of posts in some of them and might lead to confusion, so I’ve decided to add three more categories and reassign some of the posts so far published.

Those categories are: Memories, Fiction and Projections

The first two are self explanatory and for the third one, well…one of the things I love to do is try to fit myself in somebody else’s shoes; not physically but in my mind, so to have a chance to see the world around through somebody else’s eyes and thus experience the feelings and thoughts of that person (It’s like going to the movies without spending money!)

So far I’ve published four posts under that concept in the category “Entertainment” but now it just doesn’t seem to fit the original intention, so after some brainstorming (while not seating in the toilet) I’ve decided to create this new category called “Projections” (most of the brainstorming was about choosing the name! Can you tell?)

Anyway, this new category, together with Fiction will allow you to know I’m not talking about myself but rather I am someone else at that moment, at the same time that it’ll allow me to try to understand my own thoughts and feelings (what a clever old chap I am, right?…RIGHT?…oh well!)

Now, if somebody reading the post happens to be in that situation I’ll be very happy to hear his/her opinion so to evaluate the accuracy of the Projection and improve my procedures. Thank you beforehand for your help and sharing your experience.

So to get started, here is an old one for Projections…hope you like it.


The End Once Again


Why it has to be that way? Why it always starts like if everything clicks to later find so many differences?

Some casual talking with brief locking eyes, little by little getting to know more about each other, feeling the heart beat faster every time a coincidence in preferences arise. Then creating excuses to meet more often, finding ways to be together: a coffee break, lunch, then maybe a movie and dinner in a quiet restaurant.

We found so many coincidences, so many things in common, we thought we found the right person and played our cards, we wanted to be together. After some encounters of great sex and laughing we thought we were made for each other. We made plans together.

But after just a couple of months sharing our lives we started to see the differences. At first little things like the kind of coffee, the way to keep stuff organized, the time of the day to tend the bed. Later bigger things like spending priorities, long term projects. To finally discover all the hidden things never told before; what was expected in bed and never received, what didn’t enjoy but accepted just to comply, so many little and big things that make us look at each other like complete strangers after a fight, after getting all the details, thoughts and feelings hidden that went out in a moment of a heated argument.

Then the decision, the departure, the tears and loneliness; back to the beginning, back to a solitary life, back to be afraid of another relationship, afraid of getting hurt again!

Memories, feelings, loneliness; is it just a cycle that repeat itself over an over again? How many times before finally finding the right one? How many times before knowing that the person at our side is the one we will grow old with? Is it just a matter of time? But how many times?

Back to a gray, flat routine kind of life. No more bright days, no more happy rain, no more laughter for stupid things, no more feeling the heart beating hard!

The end once again!

People’s Dreams

Posted by Raul on September 6, 2010



Some people dream of becoming a balanced human being; some people dream of becoming wealthy and popular, some people dream of becoming powerful and respected; I dream of becoming a concrete wall!

I know…I tend to dream big.

What can I say, in my concepts if we don’t go for the big one then we are just wasting time, so naturally my dreams are for what I consider the best results of a well used life.

So many times I’ve seen people trying and struggling to reach the societal considered “success” of becoming wealthy and living the life of the rich and famous.

So many times I’ve seen people trying and struggling to reach inner peace, balance with nature and positiveness that promote the increasing movement of self growth we can see nowadays.

I just want to be a concrete wall!

I can see your faces of envy because you didn’t see the grandness of this project of mine before I did, so now, in case you decided to change lifetime projects, you will have to settle for becoming just a follower instead of the creator of the movement. Sorry!

And for the few of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain.

“Reaching a point where I can be a silent, quiet being, standing there living and enjoying my life without hurting anybody with my existence”

“Provide shelter from the sun and wind of life to those in need”

“Becoming a place to rest for those tired and in search of peace and calm”

“Being strong without the need or desire to show it and if someone attacks me, physically, emotionally or intellectually, they will only hurt themselves when clashing with the quiet strength of a concrete wall”

(If you throw a punch or scream to a concrete wall, you only hurt or make a fool of yourself, while the wall stands there quietly, without the need of doing anything)

Figuratively of course!

I know it’ll take time and effort to reach my desired goal, but I’ll keep going until I reach it or die…whichever comes first!  :)


Out of Town

Posted by Raul on September 2, 2010



For the past month several things have been accumulating in the “To Do” list and the point of not being able to catch up has been reached.

-The need to reorganize this blog

-The implementation of some security measures for this blog

-The organization of the content in the hard drives

-The many posts written half way and not finished

-A couple of writing projects that are still waiting

-Studying English grammar and writing techniques

-Some physical projects to implement my physical vehicle

-A couple of books half way read

-An unfinished bottle of Brandy :)

So, even though I enjoy very much reading the posts of my fellow bloggers and participating in the conversation, I just haven’t been able to “be there on time”, which is something I really hate (I might be annoying but I take pride on being annoyingly on time)

For those reasons I’ll be “out of town” for a while to take more time and catch up with pending stuff, so please don’t feel forgotten if I don’t show up in your blogs.

In the meantime I’ll keep posting from the writings waiting for publishing in my hard drive, although I can’t promise to answer the kind comments you make.

Thank you for your patience and understanding :)


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