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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Choosing a Life Road

Posted by Raul on September 30, 2010



Living life is like traveling a road.

Your kind of life depends on which kind of road you are traveling in. You make plans and struggle to make them happen, you prepare yourself and work hard to go in one direction you want to go, but you are in a road and have to follow it in every turn if you want to keep moving and going.

You might plan a destination but is where the road goes where you will end up, and the kind of trip you will have will depend in the kind of road you are in. You can only make slight changes to your life within the limits of the road. If you want a completely different kind of life you will have to switch roads.

The road you are in depends on the kind of road your parents were and the situation around you while you were growing up. If you don’t like that road you might dream of being in a different kind of road and plan to switch, change lanes, take the interconnecting one and go.

To switch roads you have to learn the differences between them so you can drive in the new one without hitting others, crashing and having to go back to the original, known road, where you can move at ease based in your past experiences and knowledge.

Each kind of road will imply a different kind of life, with its own requirements, complications and pleasures.

Your struggle is first to choose what kind of road you want for you, then working hard to get into that road, and finally, spend the rest of your life complying with the requirements to remain in that road while making plans, fighting for them, and adapting them according to the directions that road takes you.



Smooth, fast, luxurious, very comfortable to travel. The best things of life are in this road; luxury homes, luxury vacations, the best restaurants and hotels, fine clothing, fame and fortune, respect and prestige.

The road is fast but turns smoothly, it is wide and clean with many rest areas and places to stop and enjoy the view. All the services are at hand and they are the best life can offer.

It requires lots of money and a shark’s personality to acquire it, always living on the edge of pleasures and risks, always being informed with the latest news and technologies, cultivating yourself, learning new stuff, always making connections and a network that will be necessary to remain on top of the game. You have to want more and fight for it all the times.


Relatively smooth, slow and comfortable, life goes to a slower pace and is easier to keep up with requirements.

The road turns sharper and is not too wide and smooth, so must be always aware, but since speeds are slower (the pace of life) there’s always time to react to changes and keep on the road. Services are not so common and usually are the family type of business, so it implies a family life more than a business type.

It doesn’t require so much money so there is less pressure and more freedom from social image and requirements. It allows time to enjoy life in a more simple way without having all the luxury of a Highway Life Road and its requirements.

This is the kind of life people middle class live, always dreaming of the luxury of the Highway, yet enjoying the simplicity and freedom of this Secondary Road. You can be observant and slow reacting and have to divide between fighting and acceptance.



This is a rough and dusty way of life, the kind of poor people live. There are no luxuries, no image, and no appreciation. It is a hard life with very little enjoyment and not much hope of a better future.

This road is rough, turns sharply unexpectedly, is up and down, takes you thru places that are not much traveled, ugly places some times, boring places in others, and there are no services available, if you need something you must ask for help to the people living there, you have to befriend to survive.

Many people live in this road and dream of a Highway Road for all the luxury that provides but they don’t know the requirements to be in it, they live a sad and hard life never going too far and never enjoying what life has to offer, but at the same time is a life without requirements of learning or networking, never pushing yourself too hard, so it’s a life of living the moment and enjoying simplicity and nature without plans. You have to be the fate acceptant kind of person.

Most of us are in the Secondary Road while many others are in the Gravel Road and, especially, with the access to internet we have the opportunity to see images of the Highway Road, so we tend to dream of being there, traveling smoothly in the luxury of that so venerated road, yet when we struggle to get there we find the requirements we should meet and conclude that making money is the solution, but we tend to forget that the way to make money to change lanes and have the driving skills to remain in our new road is improving ourselves first and get that shark’s personality, so we can have the tools to generate the money that will allow us to finally create the changes we want so to switch lanes to the Highway Road

It is too easy to think that following a list of points we can make the money and simply “jump” to the Highway Road, forgetting that being in that Highway Road implies more than just buying designer clothing, pretending to be there and speaking using a different kind of tone.

Just another crazy thought! :)


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