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Thursday, April 24, 2014

People’s Dreams

Posted by Raul on September 6, 2010



Some people dream of becoming a balanced human being; some people dream of becoming wealthy and popular, some people dream of becoming powerful and respected; I dream of becoming a concrete wall!

I know…I tend to dream big.

What can I say, in my concepts if we don’t go for the big one then we are just wasting time, so naturally my dreams are for what I consider the best results of a well used life.

So many times I’ve seen people trying and struggling to reach the societal considered “success” of becoming wealthy and living the life of the rich and famous.

So many times I’ve seen people trying and struggling to reach inner peace, balance with nature and positiveness that promote the increasing movement of self growth we can see nowadays.

I just want to be a concrete wall!

I can see your faces of envy because you didn’t see the grandness of this project of mine before I did, so now, in case you decided to change lifetime projects, you will have to settle for becoming just a follower instead of the creator of the movement. Sorry!

And for the few of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain.

“Reaching a point where I can be a silent, quiet being, standing there living and enjoying my life without hurting anybody with my existence”

“Provide shelter from the sun and wind of life to those in need”

“Becoming a place to rest for those tired and in search of peace and calm”

“Being strong without the need or desire to show it and if someone attacks me, physically, emotionally or intellectually, they will only hurt themselves when clashing with the quiet strength of a concrete wall”

(If you throw a punch or scream to a concrete wall, you only hurt or make a fool of yourself, while the wall stands there quietly, without the need of doing anything)

Figuratively of course!

I know it’ll take time and effort to reach my desired goal, but I’ll keep going until I reach it or die…whichever comes first!  :)


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