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Choosing a Life Road

    Living life is like traveling a road. Your kind of life depends on which kind of road you are traveling in. You make plans and struggle to make them happen, you prepare yourself and work hard to go … Continue reading

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Problems With English

    These are some situations that happen when you are in a new place without knowing the language; some happened to me, some happened to friends from different nationalities that also didn’t know the language at the beginning. -After … Continue reading

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Living Without a God

    I don’t believe in a God’s existence as presented socially, so I don’t have a set of commandments to live by, I am at my own will. So how can I expect to live my life? Let’s say … Continue reading

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    There have been many inventions throughout time that we can classify as very important or useful in our lives, many creations that have helped us in achieving things or simplify our everyday tasks. One of my personal favorites … Continue reading

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Parallel Universe

    Long ago there were exotic lands waiting to be discovered, conquered and exploited, but no more. We already know the whole geography of the planet and there are no new places to be charted and see for the … Continue reading

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