Toilet Wisdom



Isn’t it the place where so many people cultivate themselves with a good book? Or get thoroughly informed with the daily newspaper?

The place where we learn, get informed, think about important issues and, in general, can truly spill our guts out in search of relief and wisdom.

So how comes that we don’t give the toilet its important place in our lives? We just keep it there, in a corner of the house, like we do with someone we claim is our loved one, waiting for us when we need them.

I’m not saying go now and give your toilet a hug, show it your love and real feelings, but how about a little more respect for such important artifact in our pitiful lives?

For instance…

Thank to the toilets we can be honest people; just think about it, and I‘m not kidding in this one; if it wasn’t for the toilets we would be, literally, full of shit

How important is that a toilet can receive and hold all our shit so it doesn’t hit the fan instead, have you thought about that?

When a water tap breaks you can cut off the water from the main source, call a plumber and wait until he arrives to fix the problem; it is not the best situation but you can manage in the meantime, but when the toilet back flushes you’ll be on the phone screaming: “I NEED YOU TO BE HERE NOW!”

And that’s a really sad situation (when a toilet back flushes) because your own shit comes back to you, and not only that, your neighbor’s shit comes along, so you start thinking; “What am I doing wrong? Could it be Karma?”

So what is the real meaning that in the end we are all connected by the same sewer pipe?

Another point to consider is that, no matter who you are, a president, a dictator, a saint, the Pope, a millionaire, a thief or simply an anonymous pedestrian, we all have in common that, at some point, we will have to stop by the toilet, so why then go on in this life pretending to be the smart one, the powerful one, the saint one, the “above the rest” one; we all end up in the toilet at some point, which proves we all have been carrying our own shit inside.

For those reasons, when I am in that less than elegant situation, I can feel myself as part of the human race, as another true human being; in that precious point in life when we are all equal.

To the toilet we show our real face!

Maybe replacing seats for toilets at the Senate would help reach better and faster agreements!

My apologies for the extensive use of the word shit, but in this situation the word “poop” just didn’t seem to make it, not with the same meaning, or at least the same “intensity”

Now, let me ask you a favor; if you feel that this post can be of help in someone else’s enlightening, then please feel free to re-tweet the shit, I mean, the post; thank you!



Marion, from The Second Half of My Life sent me this funny picture, she said: “It was taken in Bangkok where western style toilets in public places are a new introduction”

Thank you Marion for the picture; it is really funny :)


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30 Responses to Toilet Wisdom

  1. Tony Single says:

    Raul, I laughed hard at this. I think I might even have woken my wife! She’ll give me a funny look any moment now…

    And just when I thought it couldn’t get any funnier, you had to go and “cap it off” with that final sentence. Uh oh… Cass is about to kill me… :P

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Tony,

    Tony…Tony…are you there? Cass, what have you done!

    Thank you Tony for the support…wherever you are now…

    At least you died laughing :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Toilet Wisdom

  2. rob white says:

    Ah yes… there is something to be said for our sacred spaces. You have me giving sincere gratitude and appreciation for the miracle of plumbing this morning. Thanks!
    rob white´s last post ..The Sincere Seeker of Success

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Rob,

    I hope you didn’t mean you had the experience of a back flushing toilet! Well, if that’s the case that will only contribute to personal wisdom. Wait a minute! You are a man with a lot of wisdom and vision…hmmm :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Toilet Wisdom

  3. Joshua Noerr says:

    This reminds me of something from the book Angela’s Ashes, by Frank McCourt.

    His uncle tells him that everytime someone is being high and mighty, he just imagines them on the toilet. Just like you said Raul, we are all connected by this wonderful place. Cheers!
    Joshua Noerr´s last post ..The Big Ass List of 101 Things You Should Not Do

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Joshua,

    We could say the toilet is THe place to be :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Toilet Wisdom

  4. Raul,

    I was almost afraid to read after reading the title. Phew!

    Yes, no matter how busy, smart, and rich we are, we are same in matter of this wisdom!

    Maybe that is why plumbers make more money then engineers!
    Preeti @ Heart and Mind´s last post ..Web Design- Overwhelm and Good Reads

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Preeti,

    Somehow it is sad we have to think of the toilet to visualize we are all equal but it does help in the process.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Toilet Wisdom

  5. Joy says:

    Oh way LOL!!! Honestly…Remember I live on a boat…
    So one day I was minding my business washing dishes, just as one does after dinner, when I heard a loud very not good noise behind me…and then a huge bam kind of noise in front of me in the head (the name of our bathroom) and then…lots and lots of toilet water came streaming out through the toilet into our cabin..Talk about back flow..surprised, confused, not very happy, I calmly told the children please walk off the boat because we are about to sink…Nope do not grab your possessions, just walk off..
    I had to walk through it all to turn off the access hose..80 galloons of water pouring into my living I call my friend who has maintenance knowledge and he tells me..”You have to taste it?”..what??? He said you have to taste it to tell me what kind of water it is..yeah right! LOL…the rest fth story is quite good…but the gist is I’m most comfortable with shit..although really I never wanted to be..
    Perhaps this is why I’m the peace filled one..I’ve been there..I truly have *grin*
    Joy´s last post ..Wednesday Wisdom- Unconditional Love

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Joy,

    That situation must be scary to be in! At least in a house we know we can walk out and come back later, but just the thought of loosing your house under the waters, well…must be very upsetting.

    I’ve never heard of “tasting” the water but instead looking at the color and smell, I suppose it might be a different thing in a boat than a house.

    Great story Joy, thank you for sharing it with us :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Toilet Wisdom

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  7. Hi Raul,

    I did a double take when I saw the photo you included in this post. I was like “What?”

    You’re right. Mother nature calls all of us, so in reality, we’re not all that different when it comes to taking care of bodily functions.

    I had to laugh at your remark about replacing the toilet seats in the Senate. haha. If only it were that easy.

    Your comment about plumbers reminds me of how we are in the process of diversifying in our business and what we are adding is the ability to camera a sewerline – i.e. video detection. We laugh and say we’re making “shitty movies”. (Saying “poopie” movies doesn’t cut it either) :)
    Barbara Swafford´s last post ..Beating A Dead Fish

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Barbara,

    I thought the toilet seats at the Senate could be a good idea since I’ve heard many people say this people have their brain connected to their butt; every time thy think they shit.

    I didn’t know you were in the “shitty movies” business! I guess is like those blockbusters about 2012: “Shit! Here it comes! RUN!”

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Toilet Wisdom

  8. Lori says:

    Hi Raul,
    I agree, you have to say *shit* here, there’s no way poop would do the job.

    Yes, indeed, we are all connected by the same sewer pipe and anyone’s sh*t can easily come back to us. Wow, now that’s a thought I want to flush as soon as possible. he he

    Great post, Raul.
    Lori´s last post ..Describe Your Awesomeness

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Lori,

    Yes, definitely a thought that would scare the sh*t out of anybody! I guess we have to be good people as long we are all connected in any way :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Toilet Wisdom

  9. Steve says:

    There is reason why one of the nicknames for a toilet it “the Throne”. If a man’s home is his castle the toilet is likely the place where he espouses the most wisdom.

    Great article. Very true and funny at the same time.
    Steve´s last post ..I’ll Quit Procrastinating Tomorrow

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Steve,

    ‘The Throne” Sound good! How would I look seating at the toilet with a crown and a funny face?

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Toilet Wisdom

  10. Raul: Funny post yet once again. I was sucked in by the title and the picture. I hope you have a copyright on that image … wouldn’t want someone to lift it without your permission :) Thanks for the humor this evening. It is always great to laugh.
    Sibyl – alternaview´s last post ..Why You Should Aim to Be Thoughtful … Not Smart

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Sibyl,

    Oh but it was a serious analysis of today society! Just kidding :)

    I’m glad you had a good time, that was the whole idea.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Toilet Wisdom

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  12. Marion says:

    Hi Raul

    You have truly made me giggle. The toilet – a leveler of all men and women. I have a great toilet photo – I will email to you. You have been warned.
    Marion´s last post ..A vision for your life – are you living your dream

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Marion,

    Thank you for the picture :)

    when I saw it I thought What?! but then there must be a new thing for some people.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Toilet Wisdom

  13. This is great!! I read the first little bit as I was running out the door last week but am back to read the rest – and will share it with friends. What a blast and a great laugh for this Monday!

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi The Exception,

    Thank you for the comment and sharing the post with friends, it is much appreciated :)

    I’m glad you had a great laugh…that was the intention with the post.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Toilet Wisdom

  14. Keith says:

    Hello Raul,

    No Sh*t, his post is fantastic. Many would have shied away from using this sort of analogy so I applaud your courage!

    You did a very good job explaining our connectedness and in a fun way too. I mean this is great “To the toilet we show our real face!” No matter what “face” we put out there to the world, the toilet reminds us how alike we all truly are!

    Thanks Raul!!

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for you comment, I’m glad you liked the analogy.
    It took me countless hours seating at the toilet to come up with the “wisdom” :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Ghosts and Thoughts

  15. Sara says:

    Raul — This one had me laughing so hard, I scared the cat away:~) Well, either that or she heard me reading it (I tend read things aloud) and went to her litter box. Who knows?

    I know everyone does the favorite line thing, but I can’t resist. This line of yours is priceless: “Thank to the toilets we can be honest people; just think about it, and I‘m not kidding in this one; if it wasn’t for the toilets we would be, literally, full of shit.”

    I’m saying one as a Alien Ghost Quote:~)

    I always appreciate a funny man!
    Sara´s last post ..Story Photo- Next Frame

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    I wish I could see your cat running to her litter box; maybe she strive to be honest all the time :)

    Thank you for the comment; I’m glad you had a good laugh.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Ghosts and Thoughts

  16. My wife and I have discussed it on several occasions, and we have both agreed that the toilet is our all-time favorite invention.

    Also, I read recently that you should shit at work instead of at home. If you spend about 10 minutes a day, by the end of the year your employer will have paid you for 40 hours of shittin’. Getting paid to poop, that’s good stuff!
    Eric | Eden Journal´s last post ..ROAKA – Love

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Eric,

    Or like those people who are hired just to shit…like the Creative Committee?

    For me it used to be the microwave oven as the best invention, for all the simplification in everyday life, but now that you mention it, you’re right, it has to be the toilet…the microwave oven makes me fat, while the toilet make me feel better after I use it :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Out of Town

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