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Ghosts and Thoughts

While using the Netbook in the kitchen I caught a sudden movement of one of the plants spending time in a corner of the room. The plant was just standing there when several leaves quickly moved like if being pushed … Continue reading

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Toilet Wisdom

    Isn’t it the place where so many people cultivate themselves with a good book? Or get thoroughly informed with the daily newspaper? The place where we learn, get informed, think about important issues and, in general, can truly … Continue reading

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Just a Quick Note!

  People, this is a quick note to let you know about Eric’s latest post: “Exploring the Brain Twisting Worlds of Subjective Reality” at his blog “Eden Journal”  In this post Eric is analyzing different possibilities about reality and our … Continue reading

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Anticipation Maniac

  OK people, I admit it, I am a maniac and a big fan of anticipation, not only the anticipation in Sci Fi books from authors like Asimov, but every day anticipation about little details that can make a day … Continue reading

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Master of Your Own Universe

  The canoe is gliding over the fresh, cold waters of this magnificent morning; the quiet lake surrounded by beautiful trees while the sun shines by the side letting the natural colors bright with their maximum intensity. I can hear … Continue reading

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