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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blogging and Telepathy

Posted by Raul on July 15, 2010



What would happen to blogging if we all became telepaths?

-No writing?

-No correcting the writing before publishing?

-No pictures to re-size?

-No folders to keep things organized?

-No visits to make and visitors to receive?

-No subscriber lists, everyone is kept in mind?

-No typing, computers or internet?

-No internet down! (That’s good)

-How about plug-ins?

So just sit down and send the post by brain waves

And how do we receive the posts?

-A sort of signal received that a new post is about to be released?

-Then we sit down and concentrate in the brain waves being transmitted?

-How do we go back to “read” again the post?

-Do we just keep everything in our memory?

-The blogger also keeps everything in memory?

-What about those with bad memory? (Like me)

For sure many things would change, some for good, some for bad.

-A good thing would be no more sloooow computers to fight with (like the crappy one I got)

-One of the bad things is that just the thought of telepathy gets me confused! Jeez!!


Digital Face

Posted by Raul on July 12, 2010



In physical life we have the option of showing any face we want to show, for example, we can be very nice and smile all the time, even if we cannot stand the person we are chatting with.

Or we can tell that person what we think and be honest with what’s in our heart, to the risk of being considered nasty or whatever the other person might want to feel about us.

I’ve seen in many places, especially work places, that many people have a face to show in the outside…sort of a mask. They use it to show a nice them while inside they are a different them, and you can tell because they chat and smile with someone to just five minutes later do nasty gossip with the next person about the first one.

When blogging things move at a slower speed; we have time to think the consequences of our words while we write a post and consider the impact those words might have in the people who read them.

Also, despite what some may say, when a person is reading it is a one to one communication, but the post is there for many to read, which means we are talking to a group at the same time.

So the question that comes to my mind is: Do we use a nice face in the digital world as well?  Do we transfer the way we act in the physical world to the digital world? Are we nice bloggers so the readers will not be mad at us and we can be popular? Or do we tell things the way they are in our hearts to the risk of being segregated, just like it would happen in the physical world?

To be honest, I’ve never been very popular in the physical world; even if I try to be polite because there’s no reason to tell that specific “a.. hole” what I think, it still shows in my face what my opinion is.

When writing for this blog I keep in mind that I should be nice and consider the feelings of so many different people that might read my posts. I don’t want to hurt them just because we might think different or have a different perspective of the same situation.

Yet, where do we draw the division line between being nice and being honest? Should we digitally smile all the time and say and be nice so we can spread the popularity of our blogs? Or should we give more emphasis to honesty and show who we really are, what we really think, and hope someone out there will agree and valuate our ways?

Of course, there’s no need to start blogging wars with comments YouTube style; being polite but honest also shows a sign of maturity and solidity in the blogger/commenter image.

Obviously the first one is better for business while the second one could become a very strong trade mark that will give even better support…if we survive the growing process!

What do you think?

Do you digitally smile all the time when posting or commenting?

Or do you tell the blogger when you disagree with something, even to the risk of becoming unpopular?


Spiraling Down

Posted by Raul on July 9, 2010

The area where I work is a new one; it used to be countryside until it was covered by houses and streets just a few years ago. It was a natural habitat for rabbits, foxes and coyotes…now the bigger animals are gone and only rabbits remain.

Without the dangers of predators an easier, safer life for the rabbits has created an overpopulation of those cute creatures, so they now can be seen in big numbers in front and back yards.

Maybe because of this safer habitat, after a couple of generations rabbits have started to show signs of “stupidity” They don’t run as fast as before anymore; they run in any direction, including the wheels of the approaching vehicle, getting killed instantly without giving reaction time to the drivers.

The same situation happens with any specie that finds the elements to easily multiply itself out of control. So is happening with the human race.

People used to know how to drive in snow with an older car without FWD, 4WD, ABS, TCS, airbags, etc, now they easily crash even having all that aid and all the teaching videos available in the net.

People used to find their way around in the cities and long trips using a paper map, while now many depend on a GPS system to not get lost.

I might be sarcastic or cynic, or whatever classification you want to give me, but I really don’t believe in changing people’s minds and turning the cards; that could have been done from the beginning.

The more knowledge accumulated by the human race, the more technology created to increase the living standards of people, the worst the situation becomes. Sure, we live more comfortable and safer than before but, is it better for the planet?

We are after all another specie in this planet, and no matter how advance individuals might be, as a race we still behave as many other species, so the reduction in population and the change in habits to stop the planetary destruction will be all coming as a consequence rather than a planed course of actions. We start saving after we experience a traumatic lack of money.

This entire civilization is based on trade rather than knowledge, so the mentality is about physical and material growth instead of knowledge or spiritual growth. You are valuated in proportion of what you have more than what you are.

In a personal level people can be valuated for who they are, what they do and how they do it, but in society as a whole is not; how many people would be happy to show a picture of themselves with a president, even if that president was considered a dictator? Showing the others a possible personal relation to the big dogs!

Insisting in better behaviors like recycling is fantastic but doomed to fail. It is not just the monetary interests of some few in power, but the laziness of the majority that screams for justice and new practices but remain in the old ways that maintain the status quo of things.

A politician says and act based on what he/she is allowed by the people that refuses to take action by themselves and prefer to blame those in power for all the problems instead of changing their way of life.

Wars wouldn’t exist if people refuse to go by principle, and if that principle was a planetary concept, there’ll be no need for having military forces. In that situation just the proposal of creating a military body would be considered so…anti-human! While throughout history it always has been an honor to serve in the forces!

Big sport utility vehicles still sell while small European style cars are nowhere to be seen around. If conservation is so important for some, how come that the same people waste water in their front lawn?

Changing to sensitive practices implies changing the way of life and stop giving importance to elements like luxury, possession and overstuffing as a reference of success in life and turn to forgotten curiosities like dedication to family, self cultivation and the enhancement of the human part within.

We all know that, we just cannot make it happen as a race to an extent bigger than the promotion of the good practices. So just like the bills come after the impulse shopping, the tag for the planetary use will be handed out and nature will recover of the “day with a fever” to become again what it suppose to be and the human race will be back at the beginning striving for survival.

I’m not saying people have a bad nature, by the opposite, we can see how many are searching inside themselves for the right path; I can see it while reading blogs in the net, and it only means deep inside we all know we must be in the wrong path now and we know things suppose to be in a different way.

If the houses in the area where I work were to be removed it’ll become a disaster for the rabbit population that lost the sense of survival after so many years of easy life; they would die by big numbers and the few survivors would bring new generations of rabbits better prepared to survive while coexisting with the foxes and coyotes.

It’ll be hard for the human race again, but it’ll bring balance in nature and a new opportunity for the human race to start a civilization based in knowledge and self growth where human interconnection is the base of such civilization, rather than trade and wealth as the main references for success.


Men Don’t Cry!

Posted by Raul on July 7, 2010



Visiting Wendi’s blog “Life’s Little Inspirations” and after reading several of her posts I ended up in the one called “Hand in Hand”.

Wendi has an amazing blog and the post “Hand in Hand” with the video included in it simply made me cry! Such an inspiring post and video!

After watching and spending some time thinking about it and feeling a bit tearful I started to remember the old saying: Men Don’t Cry.

How many times we heard that one while growing up?

To be honest, I cry a lot! No, I’m not a cry baby or the kind that cries when getting physically hurt (Bleeding is my middle name! Well, not really) but I do cry very easily with emotional things: When the main character of the movie dies and violins are playing; when the lovers in the movie have to split forever and violins are playing; when in the movie child and mother are reunited after being separated by tragic circumstances and violins are playing again!

Damn violins! I hate them!

But seriously, my point is that when it is something about sad and some times even happy feelings I do cry and even though I try to hide it (because we live surrounded by society) I also let it be since, in my concepts, it is what makes us human.

I am a man, and one of the points that prove it is that I can cry! I’m human.

Honestly I don’t care much about the old saying and/or the concept around that men have to be tough.

At the other hand, if a man doesn’t cry, either he is creating a bomb inside or he has no feelings…well, I have feelings and definitely don’t want to create a bomb inside waiting to explode.

Maybe it should be more about guiding boys about the meaning of crying rather than just simplifying and applying the old saying as part of their growing process.

And with it fewer women will say: “You are so insensitive!”

But at the other hand some women could say: “I want a real man, not someone that cries for everything!”

Oh well, I better quit analyzing! :)


Long or Short?

Posted by Raul on July 5, 2010



Reading several blogs I can see that many bloggers are in the long side posts; it is not uncommon to find writings with well over 1000 words. Even many “gurus” about blogging suggest going for no less than 600 words.

The problem for me is that I’m not really a “talking” person and that reflects in this blog; usually I have a hard time going over 500 words in a post and it is common for me to write in the average of 350 with only a few running to 600-700 words

Many of my posts trying to reflect something are very short (independent of if the intention was accomplished or not)

-Lonely Traffic Lights 142 words

-Perspective 412 words

-Inside a Picture 223 words

-The End Once Again 353 words

The other “problem” is that I have a thing for simplicity, the less words that can be used the better (in my opinion). For example: the most important things in life can be described with very few words, like:

-I love you

-I’m here for you

-Are you OK? (I love that one)

-Pass me the salt (a world of difference in the meal)

-I can’t see!

-She died yesterday

-I’m proud of you!

And so many more…

Even my favorite car is about simplicity; no long, big or fancy stuff.

Why not to try and express an idea, a concept or a feeling in the least amount of words possible? I’m not saying that long posts are wrong, but just a matter of personal choice and what works better for everyone.

If I could write very long posts I would be a talkative person in physical life and then I wouldn’t be an Alien Ghost, silently moving among people without being seen so I can observe life around.

I’ve seen many people who simply cannot stop talking all the times and I imagine how long their posts would be if they had a blog.

Can you imagine? Using a simple concept to develop it into an entire book, then paying for printing to pretend being a published author…I just work on cars to annoy my family! :)

So, after writing for a while in this blog the concept and suggestions of long posts become discarded and the attempt of reflect a thought or a feeling in the least amount of words become the official task for me (I’ve been doing that all along anyway!)

What’s your preference?

Are you a talkative person in physical life?

Does the amount of words in your blog reflect how talkative you are?

Let me know.


WOW this one became a long one…442 words!

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