Love as a Drug



It is surprising when we see love from the outside.

When in love, we see a different world, a different society, things seems to be in the right place; there are smiles and good intentions everywhere.

When in love, falling autumn leaves are poetry and spring flowers are good intentions popping up everywhere.

When in love, noise is music and polluting smoke a reason to laugh while holding hands and running away.

When in love, smile is the face we carry around as our introduction to the people we meet.

When in love, caught by rain is a moment of happiness and problems are jokes to laugh about.

But then…

When love is missing, solitude is the companion and tears are always ready to reflect the feelings inside.

When love is missing, walking through life is like walking in mud and every muscle in the body aches and every movement requires so much of the missing energy.

When love is missing, everything new is another task to complete that waste time and prevent forward movement.

When love is missing, we walk around in a lost society that goes smiling to its own destruction.

Not a physical form or a measurable element, yet so powerful that can make us laugh, wonder, imagine and extract everything good we have inside.

Love is like a drug that keeps us “high” and allows us to feel powerful, invincible, with a winner’s attitude all the time.

No wonder why we all wish to be in that drug… :)


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6 Responses to Love as a Drug

  1. Joy says:

    Hi Raul,
    I choose to be in love with All around me.. I like to say I’m having a love affair with the world and my life is like a carefully produced/directed Disney movie *when I allow my heart to remain open to it*. When my heart is open, I start with a tiny seed of Love and by the end of the day that seed is a blossoming garden of love…Amazing, because I have that do we all..
    Joy´s last post ..Wednesday Wisdom- Embrace Truth

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Joy,

    Yes, we all have the choice to accept love or reject it in our lives and with it, the whole world, society and life can be different.

    Thanks for stopping by and contribute your thoughts :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Love as a Drug

  2. Tony Single says:

    Raul, this was beautifully observed. Yes, I think love has to be the drug of choice for me, and I hope never to have to go through the pain of withdrawal or going cold turkey! :)

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Tony,

    Cold turkey! No, no, you just have to say: “I can leave it anytime I want” and remain in love :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Love as a Drug

  3. Sara says:


    I liked this writing very much. I appreciated how you presented the state of “being in love” and the state of “not being in love.”

    About love as a drug, well if that’s the case…it’s one I want to take often:~) I’m not afraid of being an addict because I know it can’t really hurt me. Although, there will times when I think it can.

    Just to add a bit levity, here’s one of my favorite quotes about love:

    “Love is an exploding cigar we willingly smoke.” ~Lynda Barry

    This quote makes me laugh every time I read it:~)
    Sara´s last post ..My Challenge- Poetry Writing

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    Thank you for your kind comment. Yes it’s easy to get addicted; no cost to buy, no crashes, no brain burning, and by the opposite, more energy, more positivism; no wonder why the alternatives to real love are such a good business throughout history :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Short Sleeping

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