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Friday, April 18, 2014

Blogging and Telepathy

Posted by Raul on July 15, 2010



What would happen to blogging if we all became telepaths?

-No writing?

-No correcting the writing before publishing?

-No pictures to re-size?

-No folders to keep things organized?

-No visits to make and visitors to receive?

-No subscriber lists, everyone is kept in mind?

-No typing, computers or internet?

-No internet down! (That’s good)

-How about plug-ins?

So just sit down and send the post by brain waves

And how do we receive the posts?

-A sort of signal received that a new post is about to be released?

-Then we sit down and concentrate in the brain waves being transmitted?

-How do we go back to “read” again the post?

-Do we just keep everything in our memory?

-The blogger also keeps everything in memory?

-What about those with bad memory? (Like me)

For sure many things would change, some for good, some for bad.

-A good thing would be no more sloooow computers to fight with (like the crappy one I got)

-One of the bad things is that just the thought of telepathy gets me confused! Jeez!!


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