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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Digital Face

Posted by Raul on July 12, 2010



In physical life we have the option of showing any face we want to show, for example, we can be very nice and smile all the time, even if we cannot stand the person we are chatting with.

Or we can tell that person what we think and be honest with what’s in our heart, to the risk of being considered nasty or whatever the other person might want to feel about us.

I’ve seen in many places, especially work places, that many people have a face to show in the outside…sort of a mask. They use it to show a nice them while inside they are a different them, and you can tell because they chat and smile with someone to just five minutes later do nasty gossip with the next person about the first one.

When blogging things move at a slower speed; we have time to think the consequences of our words while we write a post and consider the impact those words might have in the people who read them.

Also, despite what some may say, when a person is reading it is a one to one communication, but the post is there for many to read, which means we are talking to a group at the same time.

So the question that comes to my mind is: Do we use a nice face in the digital world as well?  Do we transfer the way we act in the physical world to the digital world? Are we nice bloggers so the readers will not be mad at us and we can be popular? Or do we tell things the way they are in our hearts to the risk of being segregated, just like it would happen in the physical world?

To be honest, I’ve never been very popular in the physical world; even if I try to be polite because there’s no reason to tell that specific “a.. hole” what I think, it still shows in my face what my opinion is.

When writing for this blog I keep in mind that I should be nice and consider the feelings of so many different people that might read my posts. I don’t want to hurt them just because we might think different or have a different perspective of the same situation.

Yet, where do we draw the division line between being nice and being honest? Should we digitally smile all the time and say and be nice so we can spread the popularity of our blogs? Or should we give more emphasis to honesty and show who we really are, what we really think, and hope someone out there will agree and valuate our ways?

Of course, there’s no need to start blogging wars with comments YouTube style; being polite but honest also shows a sign of maturity and solidity in the blogger/commenter image.

Obviously the first one is better for business while the second one could become a very strong trade mark that will give even better support…if we survive the growing process!

What do you think?

Do you digitally smile all the time when posting or commenting?

Or do you tell the blogger when you disagree with something, even to the risk of becoming unpopular?


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