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Friday, April 18, 2014

Men Don’t Cry!

Posted by Raul on July 7, 2010



Visiting Wendi’s blog “Life’s Little Inspirations” and after reading several of her posts I ended up in the one called “Hand in Hand”.

Wendi has an amazing blog and the post “Hand in Hand” with the video included in it simply made me cry! Such an inspiring post and video!

After watching and spending some time thinking about it and feeling a bit tearful I started to remember the old saying: Men Don’t Cry.

How many times we heard that one while growing up?

To be honest, I cry a lot! No, I’m not a cry baby or the kind that cries when getting physically hurt (Bleeding is my middle name! Well, not really) but I do cry very easily with emotional things: When the main character of the movie dies and violins are playing; when the lovers in the movie have to split forever and violins are playing; when in the movie child and mother are reunited after being separated by tragic circumstances and violins are playing again!

Damn violins! I hate them!

But seriously, my point is that when it is something about sad and some times even happy feelings I do cry and even though I try to hide it (because we live surrounded by society) I also let it be since, in my concepts, it is what makes us human.

I am a man, and one of the points that prove it is that I can cry! I’m human.

Honestly I don’t care much about the old saying and/or the concept around that men have to be tough.

At the other hand, if a man doesn’t cry, either he is creating a bomb inside or he has no feelings…well, I have feelings and definitely don’t want to create a bomb inside waiting to explode.

Maybe it should be more about guiding boys about the meaning of crying rather than just simplifying and applying the old saying as part of their growing process.

And with it fewer women will say: “You are so insensitive!”

But at the other hand some women could say: “I want a real man, not someone that cries for everything!”

Oh well, I better quit analyzing! :)


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