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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Long or Short?

Posted by Raul on July 5, 2010



Reading several blogs I can see that many bloggers are in the long side posts; it is not uncommon to find writings with well over 1000 words. Even many “gurus” about blogging suggest going for no less than 600 words.

The problem for me is that I’m not really a “talking” person and that reflects in this blog; usually I have a hard time going over 500 words in a post and it is common for me to write in the average of 350 with only a few running to 600-700 words

Many of my posts trying to reflect something are very short (independent of if the intention was accomplished or not)

-Lonely Traffic Lights 142 words

-Perspective 412 words

-Inside a Picture 223 words

-The End Once Again 353 words

The other “problem” is that I have a thing for simplicity, the less words that can be used the better (in my opinion). For example: the most important things in life can be described with very few words, like:

-I love you

-I’m here for you

-Are you OK? (I love that one)

-Pass me the salt (a world of difference in the meal)

-I can’t see!

-She died yesterday

-I’m proud of you!

And so many more…

Even my favorite car is about simplicity; no long, big or fancy stuff.

Why not to try and express an idea, a concept or a feeling in the least amount of words possible? I’m not saying that long posts are wrong, but just a matter of personal choice and what works better for everyone.

If I could write very long posts I would be a talkative person in physical life and then I wouldn’t be an Alien Ghost, silently moving among people without being seen so I can observe life around.

I’ve seen many people who simply cannot stop talking all the times and I imagine how long their posts would be if they had a blog.

Can you imagine? Using a simple concept to develop it into an entire book, then paying for printing to pretend being a published author…I just work on cars to annoy my family! :)

So, after writing for a while in this blog the concept and suggestions of long posts become discarded and the attempt of reflect a thought or a feeling in the least amount of words become the official task for me (I’ve been doing that all along anyway!)

What’s your preference?

Are you a talkative person in physical life?

Does the amount of words in your blog reflect how talkative you are?

Let me know.


WOW this one became a long one…442 words!

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