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Friday, April 25, 2014

Being Together

Posted by Raul on July 1, 2010



I give you my heart, my love, my feelings…but don’t take my time, my direction, my interests.

You said you gave me your heart, your love, your feelings…but you don’t do what I say and don’t do what I want…what makes me happy.

I desire you, I want you, I like the way you talk and smile and the way you make love…I want to have you by my side for whatever the time arises when my senses need you…and so the same is with you.

And so the same is with you…within you.

Then Confusion marries them in a memorable ceremony while Selfishness and Egoism serve as witnesses and Guilt is taking the pictures.

Too sarcastic? Let’s try a different approach…

I admire you, I respect you; the things you do and the way you do them and spending time talking about your dreams and fears gives me the opportunity to try to help you achieve what you want; and when I see you so happy for your accomplishments I feel happy inside.

So helping you achieve becomes my achievement and your satisfaction and peace become my own satisfaction and peace.

And so the same is with you…within you.

Then Love married them in a memorable ceremony while Innocence and Honesty served as witnesses and Growth was taking the pictures.

And then the connection creates the mutual vibration that attracts the bodies in the physical plane so the physical contact enhances the relation between us to complement that connection.

So holding hands or kissing, an arm over the shoulder or sex, whatever the physical expression might be it only complements, rounds and perfect the feelings I have for you.

But then we have the differences.

Patience, understanding and acceptance are the tools to play with to reach a common ground where we both can play at home while continue to move forward together in a growing process to the end.

Two independent units purposely intersecting and realigning their paths; then they travel together in mutual cooperation to reach their personal dreams and the common one created by their relationship.

How’s that? Better?

What do you think?


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