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Short Sleeping

After making a comment in Lori’s Blog post “front porch: Dreams, Laughter and Comic Inspiration” about Tony’s Blog “Trottersville” Lori asked why I sleep so little, so here is the answer: Some time ago I posted a thought called “Don’t … Continue reading

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Love as a Drug

    It is surprising when we see love from the outside. When in love, we see a different world, a different society, things seems to be in the right place; there are smiles and good intentions everywhere. When in … Continue reading

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Don’t Say Sorry!

  The thing is, I hate when people say “I’m sorry” because I think “why didn’t you anticipate the problem?” For me people who say sorry too easy is people who is used to not thinking of the consequences of … Continue reading

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  The invention of the wheel against the invention of the tax declaration procedures Simplicity please! Simplicity is the key for a better life! Raul

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Size Does Matter!

    It is my belief my laptop probably was built before WWII and being in service for the past many, many years, at least I bought it used on eBay, I believe around 2005 and have repaired it at … Continue reading

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