Vision Going Away


Sometimes it becomes so frustrating! We all know we have to fight ourselves to acquire or remain in the direction we want to go while we attempt to glide throughout the thick atmosphere of society and its currents that divert us in so many different directions.

Then another element show up to make things more complicated. Not only is about dealing with different parallel situations, but the set conditions also change from time to time to create the new grounds from which the elements will be dealt with from then on.

One of those new conditions it’s been bothering me for awhile now and everyday it’s becoming more acute so to remind me of those new grounds that will become the new set of rules pretty soon.

It is the vision capabilities required for activities like reading, writing and working with small objects. My short distance vision is going away.

Fortunately the long distance vision is still working as if never used before (although I do tend to decipher the future J ) When it comes to read a street sign from a block distance I can still feel like a young man and defy with it the reality of years going by without mercy.

Now, for many people this short distance vision failing is an everyday situation that I see they seem to have completely under control, or at least as a fully accepted condition, so they go around with the prescription glasses in a pocket for whenever the activities at hand will require it.

Yet for me, getting just started in this new grounds and seeing (sigh!) how the new set of rules will have to be written as the starting point for whatever direction or activity will be take, it just add an (sometimes) overwhelming point to deal with.

At the other hand it also presents the opportunity to consider the benefits of having the capability to simply shut down the vision to annoying situations without closing the eyes; just removing the reading glasses will do (sweet!)

So far a cheap, general prescription set, with the smallest (1.00) grade will do and can be easily found and bought at many grocery stores, so my hopes are that the new standards of visualizations will remain at the actual point for longer and so to get with it the time to adjust to this newer situation without falling in a forever changing river of self adjustments.


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