Two Sides of a Coin



Every decision we make for whatever situation we might be in implies two sides; it seems (and it is) so basic, yet I’ve seen so many people struggling with this concept.

We make decisions based on the direction we want to go and the result we want to obtain, yet so many times we forget the other side of the coin, the other result, the consequence.

Let’s say for instance we want to have a friend for all the good things that comes with a friendship: Someone to hang out with; someone to talk to; someone we can trust; someone we can count on when we need a hand, etc. But then it’s easy to forget that it is a two ways situation and we suppose to be there for our friend just the same way we expect our friend will be there for us.

It is easy to say “but I’m doing all that for my friend” when in reality we tend to keep that friendship more as a personal convenience than a two ways relation. We call them when we need to talk or when we need a favor, yet we are busy with our own stuff when they call and need some of our time for their own problems or struggles to deal with.

Shouldn’t we always consider both sides of the coin when making a decision? If we want a friend or a lover that will be there for us whenever we need them, shouldn’t we consider the time and dedication that such situation will require from us and accept it as part of the results for the decision made and be willing to leave our own life in standby for a moment while we jump on to the situation that our friend requires from us?

At the other hand, if we are not willing to give our time and efforts at any given minute-notice, shouldn’t we accept without complains the situation of not having anyone to count on?

Another example: We need to buy a car and very easily get caught in acquiring a luxury one instead of a simple transportation vehicle that will meet our requirements for our daily errands. Then we complain for the high costs of fueling, maintenance and repairs that this luxury car implies, compared to a simple one.

Wouldn’t be smarter to consider (and visualize) not only how good it’ll feel to be driving that luxury vehicle, but also take as part of the final decision the coming expenses that such vehicle implies and how it’ll hit us in our budget when the never expected repairs show up?

We naturally tend to see just the side that interest us with (to often) complete disregard of the other side of the coin, which leads us to complaining later for the results that, in turn, reduces the satisfaction of the decision made, when most of this problems could be avoided just by always keeping in mind that any decision we make will always have two sides of a coin.

The sooner we realize this simple concept, the easier decision making will become and the more satisfaction we’ll have by the results of those decisions with less complaining later.

Simple, basic, yet I’ve seen so many people that seem to have no idea of this concept, or have made a habit of disregarding it in their decision making processes.


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4 Responses to Two Sides of a Coin

  1. Kelvin Kao says:

    Very true. Not seeing the other side of things is how a lot of bad decisions are made. I personally believe that if something bad happened because we overlooked one side of the coin (the unpleasant side to look at), we need to acknowledged that it was our responsibility to own up the decision instead of blaming the others for it.
    .-= Kelvin Kao´s last blog ..Barked at a Dog Today =-.

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    I like the way you put it: “the unpleasant side to look at” I guess that’s why we tend so often to simply and conveniently “forget” to analyze this other side of the coin, yet later we regret some of those past decisions.

    .-= Raul Ojeda´s last blog ..Two Sides of a Coin =-.

  2. Eric says:

    There’s always two sides to every story or situation which is why we should all take the time to do something about what happens. Giving our all will make it all worth it in the end. That is, as long as we’re aiming at something useful.
    Eric´s last post ..Get To Know Me Better: Ask Me Any 2 Questions You Want

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Eric,

    You are right, for whatever the situation, giving our all not only will reduce the possibilities of mistakes but also increase the joy of the results.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Time- Paths and Memories

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