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My Father is an Encyclopedia

    Long ago it used to be a compliment when someone said: “My father is an encyclopedia” It was another way to say that the old man is wise, knowledgeable and capable to explain you so many things he … Continue reading

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Time, Paths and Memories

    I used to have a little sister some 30 years ago, then life presented different paths to the members of the family and just a couple of days ago I found out that my little sister has become … Continue reading

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The Perfect Place to Live

  A somehow isolated, small brick house in the woods, surrounded by flowers and tall trees that provide a gently shade; a rocky access trail to the front door with a full variety of flowers decorating the path to a … Continue reading

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Vision Going Away

  Sometimes it becomes so frustrating! We all know we have to fight ourselves to acquire or remain in the direction we want to go while we attempt to glide throughout the thick atmosphere of society and its currents that … Continue reading

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Two Sides of a Coin

    Every decision we make for whatever situation we might be in implies two sides; it seems (and it is) so basic, yet I’ve seen so many people struggling with this concept. We make decisions based on the direction … Continue reading

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