Hooking Up On Love



It seems funny when you think of it in this crazy way.

A woman gets into a love relationship as a fisherman with a fishing pole: She sets the bait (beautiful clothing, make up, smiles and soft talking), then sends the bait flying to get close to the fish (approach the man with that fancy walking and irresistible smile), then moves the bait around to tease the fish (sweet kisses while hanging from the man’s neck), then do the strong pull that will hook the fish (get the signed legal document), to finally pull the string and retrieve the fish out of the water to take complete possession of it (start setting the conditions of housing, transportation and general way of life requirements).

A man gets into a love relationship as a hungry wolf on hunting night: He roams the land looking around for every possible prey (walking with confidence and a big smile while checking out body shapes), then gets close to the prey ready to attack (looking straight into the girl’s eyes while talking with the property of a successful business man), then jump over the prey to get firm hold of it (invite her to a fancy dinner for more big talking), to finally drag the prey to a secluded area to feast (motel room).

She was fishing while he was hunting. Mutual entrapment! And sometimes nine months later you get the witness.

Just kidding!

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4 Responses to Hooking Up On Love

  1. Kelvin Kao says:

    Haha. I found these to be really amusing, and true metaphors. My favorite part was that line about the witness.
    .-= Kelvin Kao´s last blog ..How to make Caesar salad =-.

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Just a fun way to see things, although some times it seems to be many “witnesses” around.

    .-= Raul Ojeda´s last blog ..Hooking Up On Love =-.

  2. Hi Raul,

    That’s funny. Like Kelvin I also like the witness line.

    I laughed at your comment to Kelvin, too. :)

    P.S. It was great seeing you on the blog again.
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Are Blogs Dying? =-.

  3. Raul Ojeda says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for stopping by. After a while finally I’m able to dedicate more time to the blogging thing, so hope to visit you more often.

    .-= Raul Ojeda´s last blog ..Hooking Up On Love =-.

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