Goofy as a Hero



I like Goofy, he is my hero!

Might sound strange to have such character as a hero, but in my opinion, he’s the one with the most important powers to have.

As a child it is pretty much normal to have heroes like Superman and Batman, but those are fantasies that help develop imagination in children (and some adults).

As we grow up and become active parts of society the kind of “superpowers” we need are different.

It is not strange to find ourselves with the problem of having things to do and never get to finish them because of many other things that have priority.

Also is very common to have the time and, knowing what to do, we just don’t do it.

And even when we get to finally work on something that has been postponed for a long time and is finally completed we tend to dislike the end results for being different of what we expected at the beginning.

It seems a constant battle to generate and maintain some willpower to get things done and an open mind and the capability of adaptation necessary to accept different outcomes of what we planned or expected.

So enter Goofy!

Most probably you have seen several videos of Goofy and his incredible adventures, like when he tried the Olympics; or try to play Golf, Hockey, Driving, Gymnastics, Dancing, etc.

Those are funny stories and poor Goofy never seems to get things right at first and even after several attempts, he still cannot find a close result to what he intended at the beginning.

And that’s the point.

Goofy seems to always be willing to try something new, and he does it with excitement and anticipation, and when things go wrong (and they always do) he get scared and beaten but never quits and always go back with even more determination to achieve his goal.

That’s a treat not to many people have and definitely one to try to acquire in life.

The other element that I really like of Goofy is that at the end of his adventures, no matter the result, good or bad, or simply completely different of what he expected, he still find the good in it and manage a big smile and enjoy whatever he gets.

While we tend to complain that things are bad!

Definitely a little of “Goofy attitude” in our lives would go a long way to improve the way we face new challenges in life, the mindset throughout those proving times, and the way we enjoy our lives with the results we get.


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