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About Love And Castles

    It is surprising sometimes to see how many love relationships go awry after just a short couple of years. When analyzing the approach many people use when dealing in a love relationship it stops being surprising. Strangely enough … Continue reading

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Hooking Up On Love

    It seems funny when you think of it in this crazy way. A woman gets into a love relationship as a fisherman with a fishing pole: She sets the bait (beautiful clothing, make up, smiles and soft talking), … Continue reading

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Goofy as a Hero

    I like Goofy, he is my hero! Might sound strange to have such character as a hero, but in my opinion, he’s the one with the most important powers to have. As a child it is pretty much … Continue reading

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Changes in Time

    Some time ago it was announced that several libraries in the Denver area will be closed due to a reduction in budget because of the actual economy. My first thought was about the lost of knowledge opportunities for … Continue reading

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