Second Floor City



Walking everyday the same streets and passing through the same buildings in the same city becomes the norm for most of us.

We always look ahead and walk with thoughts in our heads that keep us busy with the everyday life’s tasks and worries.

What we always see is the same perspective ahead and behind when we turn around to see what’s behind us, yet we never look up.

Granted, it is very difficult to walk forward while looking up without tripping and falling or hitting something or someone.

But what if we stop for a moment and change our field of vision from horizontal to vertical? What if we take a brief tour with our eyes and sweep the buildings around from a level above ten feet and up? Have you done that?

Every time I do that I discover a completely new city that I’ve never seen before, even if I’ve lived in the same place for many years and walked the same path time after time.

The windows, the shapes, the accumulated dust and bird’s “signatures” There are so many things I never see when in a hurry walking while keeping the same field of vision at ground level. Another city appears in front of me and I feel like a visitor, a stranger in a familiar place.

The “second floor” of the city becomes visible and everything is new and unknown.

It is even funny if I try to identify where I am in the city just by looking at the top of the buildings from the ground. With a ground level vision the memories of many years help me identify where I am and find my way around, but with the new vision of the vertical plane to the top of the buildings there are no memories to recall and it becomes very easy to get completely lost.

Just give it a try next time you are walking the same streets for the “n” time. Stop and look up for a couple of minutes and discover all that was always there yet you never saw before.

Discover what maybe you see in other cities when you are touring and what tourist coming to your city see that you don’t. Then try to identify by memory where you are and which buildings to follow to get somewhere else.

It is fun to see and discover a new city within the same old city just by lifting the field of vision a couple of degrees from the ground level to watch the “second floor” that we usually never took the time to see before.


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