If I want to tell you about something that happened to me, I have to take the image from my head and divide it in little pieces that can be represented by words, then send (tell) those words in order so you can put them also in order in your brain and recreate the picture I am trying to send.

If the pieces I’m sending you in the way of words are not correct you will get a different image in your brain, compared with what I have in mine.

So I have to choose carefully the words that best represent the bits I want to send, and also have to be very careful in the order I’m sending them to you.

This applies to talking and writing.

How inefficient!

First stage of communications: Sounds and signals – Allows for general, vague ideas to be communicated. Animal language? Cave men?

Second stage of communications: Written and verbal language – Allows for a very complete expression of ideas but requires a good knowledge of the language from both parts to avoid confusion and/or misunderstandings. Linear way of communication…sloooow!

Third stage of communications: Telepathy – Not only a very complete expression of ideas, but also the possibility of including elements like smells and physical feelings. Multi-dimensional or net type way of communication. Cool! When can we get started?

So the next step in evolution should be the capability for telepathy, don’t you think?

Can you imagine how easy would be to go to school? The teacher sends the images in blocks to our minds and we “get the whole picture” at once.

In history class we could have the opportunity to “live” the moment with sounds, smells, physical feelings of the participants, etc. It’ll be the ultimate way of passing on knowledge: Living it!

Could that means a new concept of eternal life? The experiences of someone: memories, knowledge, feelings, fears and excitements, all could be passed on to the next person and that new one could be continuing from where the previous person left.

Like a unified mind for the entire race!

(I’m not drunk, OK?!)

The knowledge accumulated in entire groups of textbooks could be acquired in just minutes! A four years college program could be completed in days! And the many years experience of professionals in their fields could be passed on to new generations in just a couple of days! Then the new professionals could take over quickly and keep advancing the knowledge wealth of the human race at lightning speed!

It seems so amazing it becomes scary isn’t it?

I wish our brains could grow as fast as our bellies do!


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2 Responses to Communications

  1. oceanlu says:

    hello, Raul ojeda, “communications ” is a very interesting topic.and I am especially interested in Telepathy that you mentioned in the post,but in order to achieve Telepathy we have to insert something like computer chip into our brains, at least I believe so, because humans doesn’t have supernatural powers or abilities.

  2. Raul says:

    Hi Oceanlu,

    Well, I don’t see telepathy as a supernatural power but rather a capability that will be part of the human brain as it develops in the future, a chip could be a necessity right now only.

    Thank you for your comment.

    .-= Raul´s last blog ..Communications =-.

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