Linear Living


Based on the previous post “Living in the Now” here is another element related to the same concept.

Linear Living.

When expressing our thoughts we have to use a linear way of communication (talking); we have to take apart the idea, the image, the concept, so we can describe it using words to represent the bits that, after sending the group of words that describe the idea, the person listening can put together all those words in order in his mind and recreate the image we are trying to send.

Bit by bit, one by one, all in order, one at the time.

If we use the same way and procedure to deal with elements in life, if we take those elements one by one and one at the time, we can keep an organized and easy to deal with life.

The problem is that we live in a multi-dimensional environment; not only we have three planes to deal with but also the plane of time is always present, so that means four dimensions to deal with at any given moment.

Based on this, when interacting with life and the activities that life implies we have no option but to always deal with several elements at once. Is just the way it is!

Like in the previous post I mentioned we need to keep in mind the past and the future when interacting with the present so we don’t repeat the same mistakes and we re-create the good elements, the accomplishments, and also keep in mind the future, so we have a destination for our actions and are ready to re-direct our action depending on the encountered circumstances; the same applies to the number of elements to consider when performing an action.

Take for instance when you are balancing your checking account: you have to keep in mind past payment sent to know the real amount of money available, you have to keep in mind future expenses so to avoid spending now in something that will leave you without money for those future payments, etc.

Several elements at the same time; parallel thoughts, perhaps even net thinking…not linear!

So when performing our everyday tasks we have to keep in mind several elements at the same time as a way to efficiently deal with the process of accomplishing those tasks and keep moving forward while we live the present.

Sounds complicated?

It might seem sometimes like being a “One Man Band”, yet that’s what we are, if we want to make our life sound like a beautiful melody!

At the other hand, denying the fact and persisting in play just one instrument at the time may lead to a poor sound and with it, a not so nice life.

It is like the difference between those who control several elements at the same time in a business and are successful and those that insist in simplifying their lives and just want to concentrate in one activity only…no success!

Obviously sometimes you have to divide tasks to take one at the time and move to the next after finishing the previous, but in that situation you are still dealing with several elements at the same time, just tackling them one by one to keep things organized.

Also, when trying to lead a linear life, we are not prepared to receive many elements coming to us all at once and that leads to a life where we can get easily stressed by those coming elements.

While at the other hand, getting used to deal with many elements at once, when situations get complicated we are prepared to face the challenges ahead.

So, living in a linear way might seems appealing because of its simplicity, but in order to prevent an easy to get stressed life and, by the opposite, be able to confront whatever life might have in store for us, we have no option but to learn to become multi-tasking people.


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7 Responses to Linear Living

  1. Hulbert says:

    Hi Raul, this is an interesting post about linear living especially how you described it. I think life does seem linear to us at times; afterall, there is the past, the present, and the future. But it’s not always that simple because we sometimes don’t know what to expect. Like you say, it’s important that we have to keep things organized and take it step-by-step in order to not get so stressed about everything that goes on in our life.
    .-= Hulbert´s last blog ..Jay Leno and Nice =-.

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Hulbert,

    Yes it looks simple: Past, Present, Future, yet the details that conform what is life is what complicate so many people, that keep reading about how to make things work and still cannot make it fit together.

    Thanks for your comment

    .-= Raul´s last blog ..Linear Living =-.

  2. Kelvin Kao says:

    If you only look at past, present, and future, then that’s definitely linear. That’s because time is only one dimension. When you only look at one axis, then everything is linear. And then, what makes non-linear are the other dimensions. However, sometimes in mathematics, you do collapse all dimensions onto the same axis, and that’s called a projection. You lose some information but you can also rule out some distractions and focus on what’s important. But ultimately, that’s for representing, and communicating only one aspect in one particular situation. You still need the whole picture for the most part.
    .-= Kelvin Kao´s last blog ..When a Gnome Meets a Wizard =-.

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Kevin,

    In mathematics there are many things that can be done to visualize the situation, and it is a practical exercise sometimes when we need to better visualize a problem in life, but at the moment of living we do have to take all the elements into account.

    Thanks for your comment.

    .-= Raul´s last blog ..Linear Living =-.

  3. Your Hermana says:

    Too deep! Life is not that complicated. Instead of thinking so much…we should just live it!

    Raul Reply:

    Life is not that complicated, but sometimes we do need to think ahead so not to get in complicated situations due to a lack of previous visualizations. (he-he)

    .-= Raul´s last blog ..Microcars at Large =-.

    Your Hermana Reply:

    That is true!!! But also…that lack of planning or foresight is the one that gives you the “surprise” element that lends excitement to one’s life…At least I like it like that… Oh baaaaby! I like like that!!! (that’s a song!)

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