Living in the Now



It is said that we should look and live the present instead of looking to the past or living too worried about the future; that we should give the most and get all we can from today, living the now.

I agree at some extent but also I think we should keep in mind the past and the future at the same time that we live in the present.

When walking you have to keep your eyes open and look forward to avoid tripping and falling, and also have to keep in mind where you come from so to maintain a sense of direction to where are you going.

The same thing is with life; if you leave the past behind completely in the attempt of fully enjoying the present you could loose the sense of direction and make the same mistakes again; you have learnt nothing from previous experiences.

Also, without looking to the future and where you are going it’ll be really easy to get somewhere that is not the place intended to arrive to.

An example that I see pretty often among friends: Living intensely the present and enjoying that latest movie or that fancy restaurant can lead to not having the money for car maintenance and later lead to car failure that, in turn, leads to tears and unnecessary complications.

They get a newer car that runs and looks great, but after just two or three years they are back to the same situation where they urgently need another, newer car, that would be as reliable as they need; yet they can recommend movies and restaurants on the spot!

I know it seems obvious what I’m saying, but if you read the gurus advice about living a fulfilling life you’ll see they simplify too much the concepts and with it, they might lead someone to a sort of irresponsible way of living.

Is my personal opinion that in everything in life we have to deal with several elements at once if we want to get the most of everything we get into; and that means that we have to give importance to the present to fully enjoy it but keeping in mind our past, so to avoid mistakes and keep a sense of direction, and also we have to maintain a vision of the future we want to get to, so to keep the right direction in which we are heading, at the same time that we are ready to change direction according to the situations we might and will encounter.

It just doesn’t make any sense to leave the past behind and don’t worry about the future, especially when you see people that keep falling into the same pits and repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Sometimes the experts about teaching how to lead a fulfilling life might tend to simplify too much, probably in the attempt to create an easy to grasp message, but when simplifying too much we might end up finding life too complicated to deal with.

At the other hand, if we consider the complications of dealing everyday with many elements at once as a normal way of life we will be ready for many things that might come our way without becoming overwhelmed with the natural occurrences that are part of everyday life.


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2 Responses to Living in the Now

  1. Hi Raul,

    Great observation. I think living in the now is good for when we are trying to concentrate on a task at hand or for making a point to take a “snapshot” for our memory bank, but like you said, if we lived in the moment and threw caution to the wind with regard to the past or future, we could easily repeat the same mistakes.
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Books or Blogs? =-.

  2. Raul says:

    Hi Barbara,

    It is strange to see so many gurus saying about living in the now, especially when I also see many people soing just that and going nowhere.

    Living is more complex than that, but that is what makes it so interesting!

    .-= Raul´s last blog ..Linear Living =-.

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