Earthquake in Chile


It is somehow crazy; just a couple of days ago I was posting a thought about loosing the technology we count on everyday and this morning I learned about the earthquake that hit my country, Chile.

Fortunately all friends and family back there seems to be OK and getting themselves together after the disaster; only broken stuff in homes but homes still standing.

But there were those who weren’t so lucky; all the destruction and the death toll that is still unclear. I hope for a quick re-organization and a very small number of death and wounded people.

Earthquakes are a common occurrence in Chile due to its geography; this is a portion of the text found on Wikipedia about my country:


“The northern two-thirds of Chile lie on top of the telluric Nazca Plate, which, moving eastward about ten centimeters a year, is forcing its way under the continental plate of South America. This movement has resulted in the formation of the Peru-Chile Trench, which lies beyond a narrow band of coastal waters off the northern two-thirds of the country. The trench is about 150 km (93 mi) wide and averages about 5,000 m (16,404 ft) in depth. At its deepest point, just north of the port of Antofagasta, it plunges to 8,066 m (26,463 ft). Although the ocean’s surface obscures this fact, most of Chile lies at the edge of a profound precipice.

The same telluric displacements that created the Peru-Chile Trench make the country highly prone to earthquakes. During the twentieth century, Chile has been struck by twenty-eight major earthquakes, all with a force greater than 6.9 on the Richter scale. The strongest of these occurred in 1906 (registering an estimated 8.4 on the Richter scale) and in Valdivia 1960 (reaching 9.5).”


This latest earthquake is said to have reached 8.8 in the Richter scale, and although lots of information can be found already in the internet, still there’s lots of work to be done to visualize the real situation and the amount of damage created.

For now, our thoughts and feelings are with those who didn’t make it, those suffering this occurrence and our wishes for a quick reorganization and back to a normal life.



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2 Responses to Earthquake in Chile

  1. Dear Raul:

    I am glad that your friends and family are alive and well. Just like you said, our condolences to those that were not as lucky.


    Raul Reply:

    Thanks Tomas!

    And I’m glad of the experience we chileans have with earthquakes that allowed for better building codes that in turn led to a very small number of fatal victims, considering the magnitude of the quake.

    .-= Raul´s last blog ..Earthquake in Chile =-.

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