Blogging Is Like Where We Live



Blogging could be like the place where we live.

For a new blogger with few visitors and comments it might feel like living in the country; it could be a solitary work with lots of space around and living a slow paced life.

Sometimes someone comes around and ask questions so the blogger feels happy with the visitor and try to be nice and friendly; there could be some chatting and it’ll be a subject of conversation with friends and family.

At the time of checking emails, comments or visitor numbers you can hear the gently sound of crickets in the distance and contemplating the stars for a while before going to bed is a must.

Perhaps the dream of moving to the big city will show up once more and the blogger will spend some time wondering what it would feel like to be there.

For a seasoned blogger with lots of traffic and followers (I believe) it could be like living in the city with a fast paced life.

When you visit them and see the number of comments and enter to make your own you can hear the talking, the laughter and the sound of glasses all mixed up with the music in the background; it’s like going to a party!

I imagine the blogger is like the host of the party, dealing with a thousand little details one after another, making sure everyone feels at home and happy to be there.

Checking emails and comments must be like dealing with parking for all the visitors, trying to find room for everyone, coordinating the space available, while the sounds of engines revving can be heard above the voices and the chatting.

For the new blogger going to one of these seasoned blogger’s party could feel intimidating; after all somehow it is the dream to be the host one day, yet being able to deal with all the little details with such grace and efficiency while holding a smile for everyone seems to be a giant task.

So the process of moving from the country to the city has to be a slow and planned one, with a basic learning at first and then a plunge into the perpetual movement and light that is the city.

So I wonder…

Are there seasoned bloggers with lots of traffic and followers that dream of retirement in a quiet place in the country where they can slow down and enjoy the writing and the occasional chatting with friends and sporadic visitors?

Just a crazy thought!


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2 Responses to Blogging Is Like Where We Live

  1. Kelvin Kao says:

    You know, some bloggers keep two blogs. One of them is the one with a public profile and lots of visitors, and another one just for the more private thoughts only read by a circle of family and close friends. That’s sort of like having a vacation house on the countryside. :-)
    .-= Kelvin Kao´s last blog ..Why I am No Longer a Gentleman =-.

    Raul Reply:

    I didn’t know about having two blogs, but it seems like a good idea. As you said, sort of a vacation home in the countryside.

    Thanks for the imput :)

    .-= Raul´s last blog ..Earthquake in Chile =-.

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