Human Life in a Flash Drive



If you consider…

-100 Music CD’s                     80 MB each                    8 GB

-10 DVD Movies                        3 GB each                    30 GB

-25,000 Digital Pictures            0,4 MB each                   10 GB

-250 Home Videos                   40 MB each                   10 GB

-100 Books                                 1 MB each                  0.1 GB

-8,000 Written Pages               12 KB each                   0.1 GB

-TOTAL          58.2 GB

So if we select our 100 favorites music CD’s; our favorites 10 DVD movies; collect 25,000 digital pictures in our lifetime (312.5 pictures per year after 80 years); add 250 home made videos of what’s important to us; throw in 100 of our favorite books and complete the list with 8,000 pages written by us with our thoughts and things we learned in our time (that’s about 26 books) we could end up with about 60 GB of digital information; and this amount could easily fit in a 64 GB Flash Drive.

Almost everything that somehow represent who we are, based on the information and elements we accumulate, like music, movies, pictures, books, written stuff, etc. can be easily and conveniently stored for posterity in a simple flash drive!

“Grandpa is hanging on the wall of the living room and when the kids want to ask him something, want to see what grandpa would do in this situation, or simply want to spend some time sneaking on his life, how it was, etc. they just plug in the flash drive in the computer and grandpa comes to life in the screen.”

Crazy isn’t it?

We could even leave a pre-recorded video (250 MB for about 5 minutes) saying hello to everyone who stops by to visit us, maybe some short videos explaining the different folders in the flash drive and what that information means to us, the impact it had in our lives and how it directed our thoughts and actions at that time.

Even if we think we’ll need more room for more stuff, we can use a 256 GB flash drive (still a little expensive but soon will be common use) and that is 4 times 64 GB!

If we stop to think for a moment on what could be, we can see that no longer should a person’s life be left to dissolve in time and space after the person dies. With the new technology available an entire life could be saved in a digital form for the following generations to know and learn from.

It’ll be really interesting for me to know more about my grandparents, their lives, their struggles, their accomplishments, their dreams and fears, etc, but all I have access to is an old, deteriorated photography, taken in the 1930’s and the fragile memories of my parents trying to remember, to tell me some stories that transcended time.

My grandparents didn’t have the opportunity to leave a flash drive for the generations to come to tell their stories and their truth, but we have now and perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea and as a way to be with our loved ones in the future when our physical bodies finally decide they had enough.

Or maybe they will not be interested and will just throw away the flash drive!

The point is: How incredible it is that now we do have the opportunity and how insignificant seems to be an entire life condensed in just a 64 GB flash drive!

What do you think?

Would you create a digital pyramid tomb in the form of a flash drive to preserve who you are for your loved ones to see in the future?


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4 Responses to Human Life in a Flash Drive

  1. Your Hermana says:

    OMG!!!! Is more to me like a “flush-drive”!!!!
    No somos nada, no somos naaaaaaada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Raul Reply:

    “A Flush-Drive”!

    Well, some people might decide to just get rid of all the memories throwing away the flash drive, but that wouldn’t be different from what happens now; at the other hand, for those who decide to keep it, it’ll be a chance to preserve the memories of loved ones, just like we keep our own memories in pictures and videos right now. The time to preserve other and not just ourselves is here.

    The frustrating part is that our so important life could be condensed in just a flash drive.

    .-= Raul´s last blog ..Microcars at Large =-.

    Your Hermana Reply:

    As I said before: No somos nada. And it is so sad and humbling to know that, as you say, our so called “important” life could be condensed on a memory chip, a flash drive, on in the memory of someone condemned to Alzeihmer’s!!! So…In conclusion my dear Alien Ghost (also know as mi hermano)…The way I see it, Life should be lived to the fullest, and appreciated it every second, by the one who is living it, for at the instant of our death, we are only facing ourselves and our day to day decisions to live our lives on our own terms…No regrets I say!! It doesn’t matter what others think or how they remember us (or not) for our lives are only ours to live. (Me fui por las ramas??!!!)

    Raul Reply:

    (Me fui por las ramas??!!!)

    Yeap! The post is about how nowadays is possible to condense a person’s life in a flash drive, not about how we shoud live that life.

    Following the line of your comment: A friend of Maggie (Lily’s sister) died some time ago. It is said that before she died the town’s priest went to visit her and asked if she had something to repent about; her answer was: “Se le ocurre padre, lo pase chancho!”


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