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Since this blog is fairly new (less than four months, from November 04, 2009) I visit the Pros to learn and find tips about the craft, so to learn about blogging, English, writing, etc.

One of the tips I read is about getting to be known, and for that matter a blogger was recommending to visit and leave comments (with a link) in at least 100 other blog posts everyday.

One hundred!

Then I read in another blog a complain about people leaving very insensitive comments that clearly show the commenter didn’t even read the post and showed no concern for the feelings of the blogger.

No wonder why!

I won’t deny that one of the many reasons I started this blog was about the possibility of some day making money out of it, but the main one is about communicating with other people. This blog is becoming the line that connects my mind to the outside world; I tell my thoughts with my fingers now (no, not that finger gesture! :-D )

So what happens when some people, in the intention of blogging for profit, start commenting in other’s people’s blogs? No surprise there’s so much spam instead of genuine comments (so far my ratio of comments/spam is 46 to 277, or 6.02) and if it wasn’t for the spam filtering program I would be crazy by now (thank you akismet!)

At the other hand, one hundred comments? How they do that! I cannot make more that three comments per hour after reading the post a couple of times (sometimes), just to make sure I understood the concept explained (English is my second language with no formal training), then writing something that not only applies to the post, but also try to contribute to the general idea presented; then checking my spelling and grammar before clicking the “add comment” button (and I still make mistakes after that!)

So, if the idea is to be a honest commenter and blogger, then 100 comments seems a complicated number and if the idea is to make money out of the blog as soon as possible, then those 100 comments had to be insensitive (quantity over quality), but then, those 100 comments go to prison (akismet) and never see the daylight again, so what’s the point of spamming; no links left behind in other blogs anyway.

Many “comments” I receive are like: “gfstrjxvftdre tfdregysff gftrojgfs gdftr” so I believe those are not real comments, unless they are written in a language I don’t know about.

Obviously I prefer to receive comments that complement the idea presented and contribute to make it bigger, better, or give the reasons why I am wrong in my concepts, so I learn something new and have the chance to grow a little more.

Those are the principles under which I try to leave comments in other blogger’s posts; and that’s why it takes so much time, which in turn guide this blog into a personal expression and communication channel rather than a business venue.

But the problem remains with spam and the amount of people blogging for money, not for blogging.

Fortunately I’ve found many excellent blogs that I follow and comment when I have something worth to say. Reading them I’ve been learning many things about this “infecting” craft called blogging.

Now, since you are a more experienced blogger (sure you’ve been around more than four months, right?) let me ask you a couple of questions:

-What is your take in the whole comment idea?

-Do you get lots of spam? What’s your ratio comments/spam?


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4 Responses to Spam Comments

  1. Kelvin Kao says:

    I don’t know my ratio but I’ve definitely have a lot more spam than actual comments (just like email). This is not because there’s someone just sitting there all day writing me junk mail, but because there are bots that just spam whichever sites they found on the internet. The nonsensical ones you mentioned are posted by spam-bots, for example.

    Yes, without Akismet, I would’ve been driven nuts.

    I usually delete comments that just say something generic like “great post!” if the site they link to is obviously advertisement. Also, I don’t think it’s possible to post 100 meaningful comments a day unless you make blogging your full-time job (which some people did, but I doubt they will be spending all their time commenting on other blogs).
    .-= Kelvin Kao´s last blog ..Why I am No Longer a Gentleman =-.

    Raul Reply:

    I’ve heard about bots but didn’t know much what it means, well, now I know they can be machine employees of high tech spammers :)

    You are right, I also receive several like “great post” or “Very well analized subject” and is in the Update post!

    Good thing about Akismet; so it is robots against robots! We are living the future already.


  2. Jack says:

    I had some “great post” comment or “I’ve found your blog on Technorati” and my blog not even on it.
    What funny is that I had a comment today and I tried to know to search the comment + Spam Comments and your post came in the top page.
    You did some great seo work or I was just lucky to stumble on your blog.

  3. Raul says:

    You were probably lucky to find my blog since I haven’t done any seo work and haven’t even posted lately due to several personal reasons, so I suppose the rank for my blog should be very low at the moment.

    .-= Raul´s last blog ..Microcars at Large =-.

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