Loneliness and Fear


Loneliness is the Devil and Fear is a Guardian Angel

For many years I felt that Fear was one of my biggest problems and the responsible for not doing some of the things I wanted to do. Fear was the element that kept me from moving ahead due to the possible consequences that might occur.

At the other hand Loneliness was like a permanent companion that became more as a good friend that was always by my side: “Drinking with loneliness is better than drinking alone”

But as the years went by my thoughts about this two “characters” changed; Loneliness became the bad company that was always there to help me make the wrong decisions while Fear was there to protect me from my own bad ones.

We tend to think that fear is something that must be conquered and reduced in order to be free to move; maybe it is true at some level, but Fear, at least in my case, and after analyzing the results obtained after several years (should I say decades) in this planet, has been the one who was always there to stop me from getting into trouble.

It seems like the old tale of the little devil and the little angel standing by your sides telling you what to do and trying to push you in one direction or another are simply these two common concepts we all know.

When I take a look back in my life and the decisions I’ve made it becomes clear that most of the times I was motivated by Loneliness I made the wrong decisions, and every time I was motivated by Fear I took the right ones.

Maybe what we consider our best companion is not so, and our fears can be of help after all when we learn to understand it and manage it in a proper way, while the feelings of loneliness could make our thoughts wonder without control if we don’t learn to take it in its real proportion.

Just another crazy thought.


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