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Earthquake in Chile

  It is somehow crazy; just a couple of days ago I was posting a thought about loosing the technology we count on everyday and this morning I learned about the earthquake that hit my country, Chile. Fortunately all friends … Continue reading

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Blogging Is Like Where We Live

    Blogging could be like the place where we live. For a new blogger with few visitors and comments it might feel like living in the country; it could be a solitary work with lots of space around and … Continue reading

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Technology Is Making Me Dumb

    It is so easy to feel smart when we can get something done with just a couple of clicks in the computer; so easy to feel entrepreneurial when text messaging or using the cell phone throughout the day … Continue reading

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Human Life in a Flash Drive

    If you consider… -100 Music CD’s                     80 MB each                    8 GB -10 DVD Movies                        3 GB each                    30 GB -25,000 Digital Pictures            0,4 MB each                   10 GB -250 Home Videos                   40 MB … Continue reading

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2012: The Business

    Some time ago I spent a couple hours surfing YouTube for Microcars and somehow ended up watching videos about the end of the world in 2012. It seems that always there is something to be afraid of: Terrorism, … Continue reading

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