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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Name Branding

Posted by Raul on January 18, 2010




If we talk about the capabilities of generating money in this society, the first thoughts we might get is of getting a certification from an accredited institution that will ensure our placement in a good position in its machine; but in reality it is not about becoming a useful part of the machine but rather branding our name.


When you buy a novel book do you go by the content or the author?

When you buy a music CD do you go by the style or the artist?

When you buy a painting do you go by the paint itself or the artist?

When you buy a car do you go for the mechanical aspects or the brand?

Even when reading a blog, people go for the name of the blogger rather than the writings


A well reputed creator that has delivered quality in the past sells by his name because his name is synonymous of quality; no longer needs he to prove what he can do, his name will do that for him; his name is branded.


There are exceptions to this of course, like when you need specific information and don’t really care who will provide it as long as you receive it; but even in those situations, if you find yourself at the point of having to make a decision between two books with the same kind of content, one from an unknown author and the other from a well known and highly reputed one, which one would you go for?


Branding our name is the key to successfully selling our work. At the beginning it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how good your work is, what really matters is how branded is your name.


Even in a job, those who know how to do public relations with the boss get more than those who work hard yet don’t socialize much; what the others are doing is branding their names in the company. You could even be lazy as long as you socialize and make yourself known and appreciated. Do you know someone at your job who doesn’t really deliver quality but socialize enough to remain around for a long time?


In business is called name branding; in a job is called “having friends” which is the same.


At the other hand, you can work hard and be efficient, but if you don’t socialize (brand your name) you won’t necessarily get recognition and benefits from the company. You could easily be in the lay off list when the company requires a reduction in personnel.


Being a good, hard worker that delivers quality work could be the sustaining element of your profit revenue, but it’ll be of no good at the beginning when you are unknown, so the branding of your name is what really will open the doors to selling your skills and creations, and later will be the element that will sustain your position. If you don’t brand your name your quality work could be lost or used by others as if their own, while you get left behind without the deserved recognition.


So the point is: We are told quality is the key; you got to be good at what you do, which is true as a way to remain and prosper, but the missing part is the name branding element we are not told about, and by which we can get the initial opportunity to “get in” and later remain; without this, we might risk becoming one more lost talented one in the sea of people that is society.






The Lost Moments

Posted by Raul on January 13, 2010



It is surprising when we observe the way we all, or at least the big majority of us, has been raised; the vision of the world and how to get prepared to interact in a successful way throughout our lives.


There is a song from the 70’s from my country called: “Los Momentos” (The Moments) by “Los Blops” that says it all


“Nos hablaron una vez cuando niños

 Cuando la vida se muestra entera

 Que el futuro, que cuando grande

 Ahi murieron ya los momentos

 Sembraron así su semilla

 Y tuvimos miedo, temblamos y en esto

 Se nos fue la vida”


“We were told once when children

 When life shows itself

 Of the future, of being grown up

 There the moments die

 They sow their seed

 And we were scared, tremble and in this

 Our life was gone”


This translation is not the most accurate but shows the idea of the words.


We are told that we should get prepared and study hard to get the highest certification possible so later we can grab the best position in a big company with great benefits. We should work hard and always be doing something in order to be efficient and prepared.


Then we become more like machines that follow established procedures than human being that enjoy life while living it. We become registered numbers that have a place in the machine while crying from inside we know something is wrong.


So “the moments”, the innocence of a child that sees the world as a marvelous thing full of amazing surprises is lost; the eternal discovery that starts with watching a bird flying or a flower opening to the sun, to later discover the properties of numbers or the incredible chemical reactions of elements, to then find the amazing works of the universe, etc, everything turns into obligated tasks to learn instead of the fresh desire of discovery.


The concept and the process of learning are turned from a natural human characteristic into society rules and punishments to follow and be afraid of. No longer the discovery process is enhanced and promoted as a human joy but rather reduced to tasks and obligations to tap as a condition of maturity and good behavior.


Maybe it is our own feelings of failure in a materialistic society, where we didn’t acquire the elevated price tag of possessions to comply with the standards of success imposed in this trade based society, that pushes us to direct our own children into the path of accomplishments rather than discovery; all in the name of their own good.


Maybe is just a standard we follow in the process of raising our children without questioning of its real effectiveness and the consequences it may brings to them. 


The process becomes a cycle and the chain remains throughout generations and only those who visualize the imposed concepts and dare to escape the golden rules become free to create a change in this continuous cycle of society norms that has the purpose of creating effective being at the cost of their human part.







Being Childish

Posted by Raul on January 6, 2010



Let’s get serious here! We need to be more childish.


A five years old child can get amazed with the sight of a rabbit running around, a flying bird, a flower, a discovery, maybe a simple toy.


An adult, responsible person, has to be serious, hard working, concerned with the material world, without time for simplicities like moments of observing nature, enjoying the breeze, the sunshine, etc.


In this society we are raised to be grey!


How about being a little childish so to keep the capability of marvel on simple things from life? Keeping the possibility of enjoying what we have instead of suffering for what we don’t have.


Throughout our lives we are reminded of being responsible people (which is good) but the child in us is repressed because is not proper of a responsible adult, so we become grey people trying to do right things and forgetting simple, marvelous ones.


It’s no wonder after a while we require the accumulation of material stuff in order to justify the loss of something inside us…our childish side.


Basically our childish side is still with us, just repressed; and it struggles to surface in the way of acquiring toys that are accepted among adults, like cars, houses, clothing, etc.


These material possessions are presented as trophies of someone who lives a successful life, but many times these are no other than replacement toys for a child inside the grey, responsible adult in the outside.


A big house, a luxury motorhome and boat, ATVs, several fancy cars, maybe a motorcycle with lots of chrome. Are these the reflection of a logic, mature adult? Or maybe it is more the reaction of a repressed child inside?


Do we really need all this elements as appropriate tools for everyday life?


Don’t get me wrong, I am not against having material possessions; what I am against is of living in the wrong concept without realizing that what we are after is really toys for our inner child and not the reflection of a successful, responsible adult.


With a hand in our heart, we don’t need all that stuff, we just want it, and if we decide not to get it, and because of that we are criticize by others, that should only mean they don’t understand their inner selves.


Do we get these to satisfy others? Like I show them I did it in life? Or maybe I am acting like a child that needs approval from the rest?


If I know who I am I don’t need to feel their approval so I don’t have to comply with an imposed standard of success; then I’m free to realize all these material possessions are just the toys for my inner child.


Let’s recognize the child within us, let give this child room for living inside and free to help us be happier, enjoying the simple things from life. If we do that, next time we stand in front of all our material possessions we will see them with different eyes.






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