Good Days and Bad Days



It is not a surprise to anyone that we all have good and bad days. I have my share of those too.


Yesterday was a bad one for me. Since the time I got up from bed till the moment I seated in front of the computer to write something for this blog in the afternoon.


Looking back to yesterday I can’t see any difference compared to any other day.


I woke up and got out of bed as always; had a cup of coffee and then when to have one hour of exercising in the mill machine while reading a good book, but I was tired and couldn’t concentrate very well.


Then went to do some work in the computer, but after just one hour ended up with a big headache, so left to go work in a customer’s car to get it out of the way and, what supposed to be about one hour of work ended up in almost four hours, at the end of which, no repairs could be completed, even more, in the process I accidentally broke the passenger side mirror, so that is an added repair to do (and of course without getting any money for that; it’s not the customer fault)


Even little details that made me laugh, like when decided to take the trash out, so grabbed the bag and, when took a new one to fit in the trash can I realized it didn’t have a bottom…basically it was a cylinder! Useless as a trash bag.


Tired and frustrated decided to stop working for the day and, after taking a shower and having dinner (the only good part of the day) I went back to the computer, only to get the headache back and more problems.


This time while writing a post, the cursor kept jumping back two or three lines up over the writing and continued fitting the new words in between the others, the old ones. When I realized what was happening the writing was completely confusing for the mixed words and lines. After correcting the writing and having the problem again and again it became clear that it was time to stop trying to complete a post.


So decided to just surf the net for a while before going to bed, but the cooling fan started a furious cooling cycle and the surfing became a crawl instead.


After waiting for an average of three minutes for a page to load I decided to turn it off and went to bed to end a bad day.


So that got me thinking…


What is it that we have these so different situations when acting in the same environment and being the same person?


Is it the mood we are in, that makes us create little, unnoticed mistakes that turn things in the wrong direction?


Is it external elements that affect us in the way we perform and with it, obtain undesired results to our efforts?


Is it just the way we perceive those results to our efforts being them something different of what we expected?


Or maybe a combination of the three in such a subtle way that we don’t realize of the situation we are in until an evaluation of the results shows us we are in the wrong track?


Whatever the reason, it is clear that when we are in a bad day, and everything goes wrong, we do not perceive any changes in ourselves or our surroundings; it seems just a regular day, like any other, and we can only realize of the differences based on the results (or the lack of them) we obtain for our efforts.


It’s not that we wake up in the morning and “feel” something different and immediately know that it is going to be a bad day; although some times when we wake up we can feel it’s going to be a great day.


So the only explanation I can find is that it started with being tired in the morning, that created a (hidden to me) bad mood that, after going through different activities, it became a growing and still unknown negative predisposition that made me see things in a negative way, thus making little mistakes that kept adding throughout the day, in a negative circle.


That, or there are gnomes hiding somewhere in my place!


Just kidding! I know they are friendly.








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2 Responses to Good Days and Bad Days

  1. Rose says:

    Isn’t it funny when the day starts out bad the entire day goes that way. I hope today is a better day for you.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..List of Twitter Applications =-.

    Raul Reply:

    Most definitely!

    Curious indeed that a day that starts good can turn bad easily yet a day that starts bad takes a lot to become a good one, but it happens fortunately.

    Thank you for you comments.


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