The Business of Love and the Job of Marriage



Love is like doing business…you have to give for a long time, putting lots of effort in making everything work before you can expect to receive something in return


Marriage is like a job…you get a signed contract that promises you to receive from the very first moment while you learn the “trade” and become more efficient in giving.


Let’s see Love as Business…


In business you cannot expect to receive profits (love) in return from the beginning. It is a long journey of hard work giving all of you, your heart, your passion, your time, your dedication, all in the intent of some day in the future start receiving back from all the hard work invested; then profits (love) start coming to you; first in small amounts, so you have to keep working hard in giving of yourself to increase little by little and throughout time the amounts of profits (love) you will receive in return.


You give with only a promise that maybe, if everything goes right, someday you will receive back.


Marriage as a job…


In a job is the opposite; you get a signed contract that ensures you will receive from the very beginning. It stipulate how much you will receive and at which frequency, and even though is indicated what you should give back in return, it is also accepted that you will have to go thru a period of learning the details of what you suppose to do, and is also accepted that you will make mistakes that will be forgiven.


You receive from the beginning with you giving a promise to deliver in the future.


Marriage is a contract that, theoretically, makes official and legal a feeling between two people. I know marriage is more like a certification for society so the product of this relation (children) will be protected and receive the benefits society can provide, yet marriage is considered and accepted more as a consequence of love, promoted as such in movies and TV stories (the couple in love end the episode getting married at church)


The biggest problem is that when the concept of love turning into marriage is seen as an end (a beautiful one that makes people cry in happiness) the real meaning of the relation is lost, as if there was nothing more to do from then on, when in reality is the opposite; that’s where the real “work” of giving love begins.


People have a job and are married; both are taken in the same way, a contract that promise them to receive love from the beginning while they are expected to make mistakes in giving love while they learn the “trade” Both expect to receive without the obligation to give, so none receive as expected and consider the relation a demanding one; like a job were paycheck are never on time yet the boss keep pushing for more work to be completed.


If love relations were taken as business then maybe it’ll be possible to consider as a fact to give all that we can give and for a long time, without expecting to receive anything but problems and more work that will require to practice patience, application and consistency until, someday in the future, we will start receiving a little in return for our efforts. In this case both parts in the relation will receive before expected and may take it as the one opportunity for love they cannot afford to loose, like a gold mine business.






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  1. Randy Pena says:

    I discovered your homepage by coincidence.
    Very interesting posts and well written.
    I will put your site on my blogroll.

  2. Raul says:

    Hi Randy,

    Thanks for your comment, and I’ll be honored to be in your blogroll. You are already in mine.


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