Being Childish



Let’s get serious here! We need to be more childish.


A five years old child can get amazed with the sight of a rabbit running around, a flying bird, a flower, a discovery, maybe a simple toy.


An adult, responsible person, has to be serious, hard working, concerned with the material world, without time for simplicities like moments of observing nature, enjoying the breeze, the sunshine, etc.


In this society we are raised to be grey!


How about being a little childish so to keep the capability of marvel on simple things from life? Keeping the possibility of enjoying what we have instead of suffering for what we don’t have.


Throughout our lives we are reminded of being responsible people (which is good) but the child in us is repressed because is not proper of a responsible adult, so we become grey people trying to do right things and forgetting simple, marvelous ones.


It’s no wonder after a while we require the accumulation of material stuff in order to justify the loss of something inside us…our childish side.


Basically our childish side is still with us, just repressed; and it struggles to surface in the way of acquiring toys that are accepted among adults, like cars, houses, clothing, etc.


These material possessions are presented as trophies of someone who lives a successful life, but many times these are no other than replacement toys for a child inside the grey, responsible adult in the outside.


A big house, a luxury motorhome and boat, ATVs, several fancy cars, maybe a motorcycle with lots of chrome. Are these the reflection of a logic, mature adult? Or maybe it is more the reaction of a repressed child inside?


Do we really need all this elements as appropriate tools for everyday life?


Don’t get me wrong, I am not against having material possessions; what I am against is of living in the wrong concept without realizing that what we are after is really toys for our inner child and not the reflection of a successful, responsible adult.


With a hand in our heart, we don’t need all that stuff, we just want it, and if we decide not to get it, and because of that we are criticize by others, that should only mean they don’t understand their inner selves.


Do we get these to satisfy others? Like I show them I did it in life? Or maybe I am acting like a child that needs approval from the rest?


If I know who I am I don’t need to feel their approval so I don’t have to comply with an imposed standard of success; then I’m free to realize all these material possessions are just the toys for my inner child.


Let’s recognize the child within us, let give this child room for living inside and free to help us be happier, enjoying the simple things from life. If we do that, next time we stand in front of all our material possessions we will see them with different eyes.






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2 Responses to Being Childish

  1. Hi Raul,

    You know, I never thought of adult possessions as toys to replace the death of our childish ways, but what you said does make sense. In fact, when I think of some of my happiest memories, they are when I was either a child or when I was acting childish. Ironically the material things don’t conjure up the same.

    Thank you for the reminder to be more playful.

  2. Raul says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Yes, material things can be very useful but at the same time their existence limit our freedom of feelings. Little children are a good example of this.

    Thanks for your comment


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