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Blog Update

        The time has come for me to do some upgrading to this blog.   I want to add several elements like gravatars and CommentLuv in the comment section; a list of the people commenting at the … Continue reading

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Good Days and Bad Days

    It is not a surprise to anyone that we all have good and bad days. I have my share of those too.   Yesterday was a bad one for me. Since the time I got up from bed … Continue reading

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Illegally Posted Pictures

    I just read a post in another blog about someone complaining because his picture, which he published in his Facebook page for his friends to see, was to be found now in some other site posted without his … Continue reading

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Eternal Life as a Tale

    For a long time I have been curious about the difference in feelings people have about eternal life or after life.   Many religions tell that there is life after death; some talk about good and bad places … Continue reading

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The Business of Love and the Job of Marriage

    Love is like doing business…you have to give for a long time, putting lots of effort in making everything work before you can expect to receive something in return   Marriage is like a job…you get a signed … Continue reading

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