Life Is Change


I’ve seen people afraid of the changes that normally occur throughout their lives; it seems that they would like a “stable” environment without changes so they know what will be tomorrow, mostly because it will be the same as yesterday; the uncertainty of new situations can make them feel uneasy, and sometimes even plain scared when they find themselves in unknown terrain.


Sometimes bad experiences create in some of this people the desire of retaining the stability of the present, mostly as a prevention of going back to a similar, sad, scary, or simply disliked situation from the past, even if the present situation might not be as enjoyable at all, but at least for them is still familiar terrain.


We were born naked and not knowing how to talk, how to walk, how to smile; we didn’t know a thing! We were completely helpless and dependant on someone else to take care of us or we would die. Today we know so many things that we have learned throughout the years, we have experienced so many situations and feelings that allow us to know better about who we are and why we are.


“Life is Change”


Our bodies change everyday from the moment we are born till the day we die; weather changes, Earth changes, everything is in perpetual motion, even the universe is expanding as we talk; living is about movement and change, so is about learning and adapting.


There are so many things to look back at and feel proud of, to feel happy about; sure we all made mistakes, we all had moments of shame, we all were abused at some point, and we all have memories that we want to forget, but we have a choice: do we remain stuck with our bad moments? Or do we use them as an experience that teach us something so now we know more, we know better?


At the other hand, we also have nice, funny, and wonderful memories from our past; we smile when, for whatever reason, recall those moments and have a brief opportunity to relive them in our minds; moments of a happy encounter, situations where we were assertive, when we throw the best joke in that group of people, when we accomplished something, etc.


Today is today and not yesterday, and tomorrow will be tomorrow and not today, so just being alive imply experiencing change, it is something we cannot avoid, but we can make the best of it by using the new day, the new situations, as an opportunity to improve things, or at least enjoy the fact that it is a new situation available for us to use. Being everyday the same would be like being all of us the same, with the same personality and experiences…boring!


So it is nice when we realize that tomorrow is another day that will allow us to change what we didn’t like today, or will be the chance to live another wonderful situation like the one we just had.






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