A Fraction Of A Second



His hand moved quickly to reach for the pen and accidentally in the process touched the cup of coffee on the side, at the edge of the table. Some of the coffee was spilled and the cup started to fall to the kitchen floor.


A fraction of a second!


-He saw the cup, the shape, the colors, the image engraved in it.

-The moment when he opened the gift and found inside the cup.

-Her smile while looking at him expecting his approval for the gift.

-Giving her a hug and a kiss to thank her for the gift.

-Trying the new cup with some fresh brewed coffee.

-Holding the cup while enjoying the aroma.

-Spending some time looking at the cup and the engraved picture in it.

-Smiling at her to let her know that he liked the gift.

-Carefully washing the cup after using it for the first time.

-Finding a preferred spot for the cup in the kitchen.

-Using the cup for some coffee to relax after they had a fight.

-Looking at the cup and remembering so many good moments together.

-Taking the cup with him in that business trip so to have something from her.

-Getting mad when wanted a coffee in his cup and found it with something else in the refrigerator.

-He smiled in his mind!

-His surprise when in that road trip she served him coffee from the thermo in his cup.

-When did she put the cup in the baggage?

-Looking for the cup at the hotel room before leaving.

-Suspecting of someone taking it without permission.

-Finding it in the bathroom where he forgot to bring it back.

-Accustomed to see the cup in the preferred spot in the kitchen.


The cup touched the floor and instantly went into a thousand pieces that spread all over the kitchen. He remained there for a couple of seconds looking at the mess on the floor before letting some bad words out and standing from the chair to pick up the broken cup and clean up the mess.





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