Look Poor To Look Rich



Have you been at a restaurant that tries to resemble an old house from a far away place? There are painted crack on the wall and painted bricks showing behind painted falling stucco; wooden chairs and varied decorations that give the place an old, deteriorated look. It is all prepared so to serve supposedly exotic food at an exotic price.


Then the look is transferred to the own house which is decorated with newer furniture that was made to look old, and is sold at elegant stores that charge very high prices. You enter that house and see old, not matching furniture and different types of decorations that give you the feeling of being in a poor family’s place, and it seems that it is considered elegant and classy.


This contradiction makes me wonder why some people spend so much money in trying to give this old and poor look to their houses as a way to look rich and wealthy. I am not talking about old furniture that has the look of coming out of a castle and give the place the appearance that a king lives there, but that style where furniture doesn’t match and look as coming from different places and times, like a wooden, smoked chair; a metallic one with a bright green upholstery; a small couch with a red and blue cover and holding in a corner several different pillows; different styles of lamps in each corner of the room, etc.


I come from a South American country and had the chance to see those places but not as an elegant option but rather as a hard reality, a reality that the same people who decorate their houses with this old look would not be willing to live.


What I know about that style is that it is the case of very often young couples just married and putting a house together with free stuff grabbed from here and there. Older couples would give them an old couch they don’t use anymore; someone would give them an old table that just need some little fixing and with it will provide more years of service; chairs are taken from different places so they don’t match, but they have a dining set!


In other words, what I know about that style is that it represents poverty, and the young couple dream of having the money to be able to buy “real” furniture were each piece match each other and the place; and have the possibility of buying the materials to fix those problems in the walls, and have a decent, smooth floor to step on.


This “not matching” style from my experience represents poverty, so the question for me is why looking old and poor is elegant? You can even find “inspiration” on different styles of not matching decorations in fancy magazines with color pictures showing all different elements a very high price each.


Yet the car has to be the newest possible and the electronics of the house and the personal gadgets also has to be the latest in the market.


Very strange indeed!






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