Irresponsibility Of The Present


I’m seating on an old bench at the park; I’m watching a rabbit do its daily errands while some birds practice their aerobatics in the cold winter air; the trees have very few leaves left and those that already fell to the ground are covered in snow from the previous storm just some days ago.


I am an irresponsible person!


A squirrel is jumping in the snow, stopping every several feet to check the ground for some hidden food. After many attempts it found something and in the typical seated position grabs its findings and feast for a couple of seconds, just to start the cycle all over again.


I am not working right now to create wealth and the higher status that comes with the acquisition of material stuff, I’m just enjoying the present, the surroundings, life!


Long, smooth clouds create a contrast against the blue sky allowing the sun give its light and warmth over the park. The air is cold, temperature in its forties and there is no breeze so it is still possible to walk around stepping on the compressed snow without feeling so cold.


Society teaches about competition of classes and the need to climb the ladder, friends ask what kind of car I’m driving lately and what new restaurant I’ve been at the past weekend, but I am here watching the surroundings for a while, feeling the air, the sun in my face, watching the rabbit, the squirrel, the birds and the trees, enjoying nature for a moment and being marveled by its beauty, simplicity and complexity at the same time.


I am not doing anything for money or social standing right now so by society standards I am an irresponsible person lost in the unproductive concept of enjoying the present, the now, even if it is just for a moment.


The past is what made us and the future is what we will be, so the present is the moment to give the direction we want our future to be, and I’m seating here as an irresponsible citizen not doing what we suppose to do, but I’m happy because right now, for a brief moment, I am not a citizen, I am a human being!






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