Loving Life



I love life!


When I was five years old I was really sick, had seizures that looked like epilepsy and had hallucinations produced by high fever. In one of those attacks I remember my mother seated in my bed holding my hand, worried. It was about two in the morning and after the seizures I felt really tired, needing some sleep, but I was afraid! I thought that if I went to sleep I’ll never wake up again; I thought I was going to die!


An adult would know that everything would be alright, but as a child I was afraid, I didn’t want to die! I remember thinking of all the things that I would loose to do and experience in life so wanted to stay awake to avoid dying that night. I was really tired, my eyes tended to close and I was fighting to keep them open, until finally lost the battle.


Next day I woke up feeling a lot better physically, no pain in my body, breathing easier and no fever. I remember the feeling of joy realizing I didn’t die the night before, knowing that I would remain alive for a longer time to enjoy so many things I thought I would loose. That was one of the happiest days in my life!


Now, while remembering I realize how silly it was, but also remember how traumatic that experience was at the age of five. Maybe that’s why I’ve always been thankful to be alive, to have the chance to experience so many things, good and bad, happy and sad, boring and scaring, that life has to offer everyday.


I won’t lie to you, many times throughout my life I’ve thought that life sucks, but also as many times I’ve remembered that day when I was five and felt thankful for just being alive, for always having another chance, another shot at getting things better in the future.


Some time ago I read somewhere that life is not about feeling safe and secured but to experience so many wonderful things that has to offer, so right before we die we can look back and say: “WHAT A RIDE!”







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